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Two dogs better than one?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has two dogs and if so how do they get along with each other, is there conflict? I am asking as I have a very hyperactive Jack Russell and I would love to get another dog to keep him company when I'm away? Any advice appreciated, Thank you
I only have one dog myself (A pomeranian) but my aunt has 3 (she used to have 4, she gave one to my grandparents) dogs and 3 cats @_@.

The dogs, from what I witness from her, will get along fine if you took the new comer in and show the others that it's a new part of the family and pet it infront of them and the such. And unless they are both males, there are very little chance of any big conflicts although it might take them awhile to get to know and comfortable with having the other around.

Having another animal in the house actually should cause your original dog be on better behavior because he/she'd be working to out-do the other, insure their place in the family heirarchy and the favors of their owner(s). At least that was the case with my aunt's dogs.

Since there were no problems even with her bringing cats into the house (there were a few hrs of adjustment period with the dogs sniffing and the cat hissing) and they eventually became friends and played together lots, so I don't think there would be any problem with another dog.
Aiz makes some good points.

It's very important that your other dog realises that the new one is an equal member of the household. If not, (s)he might consider it an intruder and attack it. It's easiest if you introduce a very young animal, cause they're more easily accepted, partially cause of parental instincts. You can even get away with introducing a young cat sometimes.

Also, as said, two males is a dangerous combination, cause they'll both want to be the boss of the territory. Admitted, female dogs will do the same, but they're not as aggressive about it and if they end up "losing", it won't greatly change their behaviour.
i have one dog...but i know people who have two and they start off bad but they learn to be fine after a while
i have two dogs, and i think its better to have two. but you do have to treat them equally so one doesn't get jealous. and you should get a puppy, because the other dog won't accept an older dog as easily as a puppy, like was said before.
Thank you all for your helpful advice, its greatly appreciated
If both dogs are females, it's nothing good too. Especially if both females have strong characters - their fights are more rare to happen, but females are much more cruel when fighting.

Showing much love to the new puppy will only do harm, because the older dog may feel very jelaous of that new little "thing". Not many dogs will actually try to out-do the other being all nice to the rest of the family. You must understand the older dog's point of view : "They've brought this puppy here and now pay all attention to it, and this little fluff ball drew all their attention!!" By the way, this is also a reason of some dogs' jelaousy when there appears a baby. You should always show to your older dog tat HE/SHE is the favourite, and the puppy is for his/her pleasure.
Sure, 2 dogs are better than 1
they will not feel lonely

When you first left me I was wanting more
But you were doing that girl next door, what ja do that for
When you first left me I didn’t know what to say
I never been on my own that way, just sat by myself all day.
Long before I have two dogs, they are nice to each other even when they are eating. But they can be jealous too if you don't give them equal attention.

So give them equal attention and they will also love you Smile
Mr Smith
Well, at the moment we are trying to breed Beagles. We have two (male and female) pure breed tri-colour beagles....

At first, they found it weird, as they had been alone for their entire lives... But the next day they were running around the back yard wagging their tails...

It would depend on the dog's personality as to how they both will get on. A computer nerd will not get it on with britany spears, and a bad dog will not like a good dog.

Choose wisely, and before buying the dog, if possible, let the two meet, and let them do their thing, sniff, play, etc.
My sister used to have a Jack Russel which got along great with our cat when she arrived. Lately my sister moved into a new place with a roomie who has a pit bull, which I've been told is a very tempermental dog. So far, though, they seem to be getting along fine. Though that may just be because neither of them have been fixed, and they are of the opposite sex.

YYMV, but Jacks get along great with other dogs, expecially if you've conditioned them that way. It's the breed you want to get which you have to watch out for.
My dogs behaviour, attitude and everything changed when we got a new dog. It gives them company through the day whilst your out wich is usually the reason why dogs chew things and misbehave.

I only have one, cause she's a baby and think she would be jealous of another dog, but we always had several as I was growing up and they all got along fine.
Unicycle Street UK
we only got one due to too much mess with 2 .etc but now i think my dogs begging to feel lonly and want a partener Sad
I have a Rottweiller bitch who is 3 years old she as my only dog and then one evening, about 10 months ago, when I was taking her for a walk someone gave me another dog, it was also a bitch.

The Rotty was a bit jealous for a while when she realised the new one was staying but they are the best of friends now and go everywhere together.

The other week I was given another dog, just a little puppy, which is a boy.

They all get on great and play together. Best thing is when one is tired the other two play together. The Rotty used to get a bit fed up with being jumped on and bitten when she was trying to rest but now Three is even better than two.

It sure takes the pressure off you having to play with your dog and keep it entertained.

You can see them here
But tow cats never get along with each other well.
My family had 6 dogs, they are all dead now :0(

They had someone to pay with, and they were good friends, so we never had any problems with them.
i have 3 dogs Very Happy gr8 Cool
I want some dogs, i have had fishes but they died of age
We have three dogs and they all get along great. I think it actually is better because they have friends to keep them company even when no one is home.
If you spend very much time out then you can buy 2nd dog.
Dogs dont like to be alone. Then they makes thing which you dont like.
They also like us need companions to play their games.
I have two dogs and they get along well. They like to rough-house and sometimes they even cuddle together. The dog we got first we adopted as a puppy, and had him for about 4 years before we adopted our second dog as an adult, about 3-4 years old (don't know exactly because he was adopted from a stray rescue).

It's funny because they have very different personalities and things they enjoy. Our first dog Newton, a retriever/shepherd mix, loves to play ball and fetch and likes to cuddle on your lap or next to you in bed. Our second dog Max, a shepherd mix, doesn't like to play ball, but loves to go on walks. He doesn't like to cuddle but he wants to be petted constantly.

Anyway it probably depends on the dogs and how much time you spend with them, but I think in most cases having more than one dog can work out fine.
We have two dogs and they love one another and fret when one is away.

We had our little Labby boy from a pup and when he was about a year old started to think about a second dog. We chose an older female (Beautiful Nala the Rotty) in the hope she would be a calming influence...and she was!!

They are great friends and play and run and sleep together. Just remember to give each one the same attention and love.

Oh yes, and I STRONGLY recommend introducing them and letting them get to know one another before making the decision to bring the new dog into your family.
I think it depends on the number of guests you have, and of the size of the dogs.
If you just invited a couple of friends, or let's say your brother and his wife, and your sexual partner, which is a total of 4 persons including you, one dog can be enough. Even a small dog -if you accompaign it with pasta, or rice, or something else which holds the stomach.

On the contrary, for a marriage for example, or for a beach party, when you never know how much people will arrive and when, 2 dogs is better. Don't forget the wine, and salted chips.
I have no dogs currently, but my aunt and uncle breed pomeranians. One thing you should remember is that each dog has their own personality, no matter what breed.

My uncle's dogs are funny. The female LOVES to be petted and is really laid back. She also runs the relationship, when she has her puppies she won't even let the male in the house half the time. Even when she's not pregnant she is kinda moody like that. the male dog takes whatever she dishes out, and is fairly uptight at times. He's really protective of the entire family too. All in all though they get along fine.

I have a friend that has two different dogs, both boys. One's a chihuahua and the other's a spitz mix. They're kinda old but get along fine, though the chihuahua thinks he's bigger than he is and acts like a big shot guard dog, but is really a little chicken. The other dog is very laid back. One thing I would suggest is if there are two male dogs in your home... don't introduce a female dog to the both of them at all. Even when the males usually get along very well, they might start fights with each other over the female.
Get him a little buddy man Very Happy
I got one cairn terrier about... a year before the second, and never really had any problems with them fighting or anything. Cairn Terriers are very docile dogs it would seem anyway though. I would say give it a shot.
schudder wrote:
Aiz makes some good points.

It's very important that your other dog realises that the new one is an equal member of the household. If not, (s)he might consider it an intruder and attack it. It's easiest if you introduce a very young animal, cause they're more easily accepted, partially cause of parental instincts. You can even get away with introducing a young cat sometimes.

Also, as said, two males is a dangerous combination, cause they'll both want to be the boss of the territory. Admitted, female dogs will do the same, but they're not as aggressive about it and if they end up "losing", it won't greatly change their behaviour.

I have 2 german shepherd males and a white shepherd male all sharing the backyard. The white shepherd is the newest member of the family. They all get along great, but the white shepherd has not been fixed. He irritates the second male shepherd when he gets horny. Other than that, they are a great team. Shepherds are the most familial dogs known to man, or dogs. They are great pets.
yes absolutly
I would say if you are leaving for most of the day. Having two any pets (cats or dogs) would give each other companionship. Otherwise a bored pet can be a destructive pet.
Depending on the character of the dogs, two can be better than one. Only part that can be really bad is when one passes on. Probably good then to immediately replace it as depending on the character of the dog they do tend to become really good friends.

Does anyone have experience with friendship between cats and dogs? Especially when a young kitten adopts a dog-parent? And then starts a life-long friendship.
We only have one dog at home, and he's really super hyper too. I often wonder how pets get through the day. I mean, they say no man is an island. What about animals? I really feel sorry for my dog when I don't play with him because i feel like he is really lonely. Hence, I plan to get another one to let him have a friend of his own kind.
I had two dogs and it was fine Smile but I also have 6 cats 4 of which are male and let me say NEVER HAVE MORE THAN ONE MALE CAT they fight all the time cause all of them want to be the alpha but none of them give in
for now, i have 1 dog german shepherd died last year....
I have 2 dogs a girl and a boy. They are pretty obidient well they wernt at first but after. While they started paying attention the girl pays attention more I tell her to go in her house ( a dog house we built for them) and she goes in. Also we keep them inside our house and they never use the restroom in side they start crying when they have to go to the restroom we just open the door and she goes it side uses the restroom and comes back the boy dog is the bad one when ever some one comes over he dosent stop barking and he rips stuff. Both of the dogs are brother and sister. So the smart one is he girl and he um nt so good is the boy
Well, I have two dogs. I had only one, but mine got "pregnant" and it had 5 puppies Smile and than I stayed with one of those, another female. I have to female poodles. They fight sometimes, but the time when We're not at home one make companies for other. They're mom and daughter! Very Happy
i think one dog is enough. another one would be have conflict as you say.besides, it will spend your more energy to care them .
I now have 4 dogs, just got a new lost pup 2 months ago.

Also I have 5 cats and they all get along fine although one cat is a bit grumpy.
Your idea is great!
Two pets would of course give each other companionship. Another male dog would be much better, I think. Wink
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