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Graphics Problem

OK, I have an nVidia GeForce 5200 FX Graphics Card. For some reason, my monitor keeps losing the signal, and it freezes. At times, everything stops except the mouse cursor. When I move it, the monitor loses the signal, freezes, and the goes back to normal. It started happening after a recent power outage, so I think that might be the problem. Any ideas?
2. Check your PSU's volate and current stability using a simple multimeter (can be bought at any electronics store for 5-10 $).
3. If the PSU is functioning alright, send your video card for a free check (you can do this if you have active warranty).
Most modern BIOSes have display voltage (much easier than using a multimeter) check there to see if all of the voltages are within specifications.

If you have another video card, swap it with your current one and see if you still have problems.
I don't think anything is wrong with the power supply, it seems stable. One problem may be that when the power went out, it flickered, and I think there may be an issue with the driver, because it didn't shut down properly. (Accoring to Windows, there was an error with the driver.)

Also, all my parts are out of warranty and I don't have any other graphics cards.

There is some other information. The graphics card is an AGP, and gets it power from the motherboard.

I may have to enable the onboard video, if the graphics card can't be repaired.
Donutey, there are some problems with checking voltage through BIOS.
Not relevant to this topic, because of that I wont talk about it here.

william, try re-installing your drivers. Or even format the HD.
What might have happened when the power went down, is that some data which was processed or saved by the HD, it's procession was interrupted.
So it might be a software problem.

To do some free testing, you can ask your friend to install your video card in his PC, or he can give you his video card.
That way you'll be able to see what exactly is wrong.

Anyway, if it's a hardware issue, there is no other way for you but to get new parts.
Yeah, that's what I plan on doing. I just hope I won't have to format the Hard drive again. I don't have any friends that can help me. (None of their computers are compatible with my graphics card.)

Also, is there any way to enable the onboard video without removing the graphics card?
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