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Xandros 4.0 Deluxe Experience

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to post in here and relate some of my experiences with Xandros.

First a little background.

For a long time, I've been very dissilusioned with Microslouch and their systems. The upcoming arrival of Vista just fills me with dread. As if we didn't have enough problems with everything we do being monitored, we now have further "enhancements" of the Windows system including their new "Live" suite.

So, it was time to take a more serious look at the Linux world for me. I've obviously been using an Apache server for quite a while, as have most of you in here, I suspect. This has proven to be slighty helpful.

I picked Xandros simply because a family member had a subscription to their deluxe packages going back to version 2. The fact that it is primarily also based upon the Debian distro made it appealing to me.

So far, I've been very impressed with my re-acquaintance with Linux and Xandros.

The hardware detection seemed to work very well, and I've not really had too many issues so far. I wouldn't recommend getting back on the Linux bandwagon to people unless you're prepared to put in some time reading and learning. I'm fortunate, in that I like to study and I'm a bit of a geek at heart.

The studying side of it really only comes in if you want to customize things. I'm also doing a little ongoing capability study here at home to see if a Linux distro can readily replace all off the functions that I currently enjoy on Windows. Thus far things are looking good on that score, but it's very early days.

Hopefully, I can get all of this to a stage where I can completely ignore Bill and his followers' manic obsessions with control....

Well Xandros is one of the most user friendly OS out there. I have used xandros before and it really has the ability to get things done efficiently.....
Yes, it is user friendly to a point.

However, I have to admit freely that I got very frustrated with Xandros.
I guess that if you're not very technically minded, and you're looking for a package that's very glossy and semi-automated, then Xandros is for you.

However, if you want that inherant freedom to customise (which I think drives you to Linux in the firts place), then Xandros will drive you a little mad. A lot of the main programming for things usch as Network Connections is written by those guys themselves, and I have to be honest, but my opinion is that it's a little amateurish. I don't mean that too harshly, but they do seem to do a lot of sub-pointing from file to file which seems very redundant. It also makes debugging and troubleshooting very annoying.

I am currently in the process of experimenting with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Red Hat. So far, I'm rather taken with Kubuntu Wink
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