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Feedback and suggestions for improvement of my site

Jakob [JaWGames]
Hello everyone, I have just made a site and I would appreciate some feedback and suggestions for improvement of it because I am new to sitemaking.

The site contains games and some mid files I have made, all are free.

The url is:

All respons is appreciated Wink

There are so many pointless lines. And the background colour is slightly too dark, I think. I would recomend not using frames, just web pages with the same navigation on the side.

The games: yes, keep the downloads, but also have them avaliable to play on the website. Unless you are not able to do this, in which case you should make this clear, tell people the type of game that they are, eg flash, java or what ever.

Get some kind of design that you use on every page. This will make your site look much better if it well made.
Jakob [JaWGames]
Ah, yes, many good points. I will think over what you said and then start to edit the site. Thanks for the feedback.
Good site brother ... keep it up

I would suggest you to Get rid of frames first.
Jakob [JaWGames]
Thanks, yes I`m planning to do that soon, I am thinking at the best way to make the text and the pictures stay in same play when you removes the frames, any suggestions?
I downloaded your strategy game, but it doesn't work. When I try and run the application it tells me that it couldn't find CNCS32.dll (the file you've included in the download) and it said that I should try re-installing. I assme that I have to install the game before running it, but there's nothing to install. Shocked
Frames bad idea. . . BG Color not good try to make some good BANNER.
But The games i really like gaming site so for me it pulled all negative layout of the site. Are you the one who create the game.
Jakob [JaWGames]
Ninjacannon: That was very weird, try to copy and past the dll into the system32 folder, I will also try to upload the zip again...

rayx: mm, yes, I am planning to change the color and remove the frames but can you explain what means with "banner"? (I have heard it but I am new to sitemaking.)
And yes, I have made all the games myself, glad you liked them Smile

And one more question, is it anyone else who have experienced problems with any the of game?
Astro Limit looking for CNCS232.dll but the runtime are existing on the folder.
Maybe the runtime dll are not valid dynamic link library for your game. Try to recompile the game again. What kind of tools you are using on the game.
Jakob [JaWGames]
I found the problem, I had included wrong dll, now I think it works.
Cool its working now . . . .

Hey want to join us develop a game ! By now I and my friend developing an 3D Engine that we will be using for our games. The Engine was powered by IRRLICHT ENGINE.

If you are interested visit our forum at
Jakob [JaWGames]
Thanks for the offer but I am afraid of that I have no knowledge about 3dmaking and when the school starts I have very little freetime.

I wish you all luck with your future gamemaking. Wink
I love your strategy game, it's really adictive and quite a challenge.

How did you make it? What programing language, and what program did you use?
Jakob [JaWGames]
Glad you like it!

I creates all my games in Multimedia Fusion, compared with programming languages it is not very hard to learn but it is neverless quite challenging to master and you can make really good games with it.

At clickteams site (the creators of MMF) you can download a free 30 days demo of the Games Factory 2 and/or Multimedia Fusion 2 which are the sequels of Multimedia Fusion.

Here is the link to the site:

I think that I will work more at the strategygame when I have finished Astro Limit, check my site later if you are interested Wink
Thanks a lot.
I didn't think that you'd use a program like that, but I wasn't sure. It looks interesting and, looking at the product comparisons page on the site the programs seem to have quite a lot of good featues. Smile
Jakob [JaWGames]
Yes, you can make practically all kind of 2d games in it, you only need to have the patience and enought freetime. Very Happy
the background is too pale

cant u just use table or div instead of frame?
try to make a presentable banner
Jakob [JaWGames]
Yes, I am planning to fix those things.

try looking for some good tutorial like this
Jakob [JaWGames]
Mm, I have some good books and know some good sites, the only thing I need is time.
I see you have a new guestbook on your site.

One problem, though. When you click the 'Back to JaW Games' button the whole jaw games site loads inside the main frame. You need to change what this link links to, instead of linking it to the whole site, link it to your home page. Smile
Jakob [JaWGames]
Ah, yes. I decided to simply remove it because I already have all the links to the left.

Thanks for pointing it out Very Happy
Your topics are good. Your topics are listed below:

1 .Home
2. Grammar fixes
3. Betatesting
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5. Almost finished!
6. Guestbook added
7.Many irons in the forge
8. Guestbook problems
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10.It walks forward
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14.Site updates

Jakob [JaWGames]
Hehe, thanks. Smile But they are many now, soon I have to either delete some or make more pages.
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