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Need some opinions on sigs and ads.

I have made some signature type things in photoshop but I need some opinons about them select in the poll which you like if you don't like any just post that. Please give me your opinions not just your vote.

The ads are for people to add into there sigs people that like the site can ad them into there signatures for many forums.




--------------------------ads below-------------------------------------------




Please post your vote seeing as there are to many options for the poll. Please post one vote for the sigs and one for the ads.

Thank you for vote.
Well, I've got to say I like them all. Very Happy

But I like the slightly lighter ones most. When you use a final design then I would recomend using the same colour for both the ad and founder images because then people will know, as soon as they see it, what it's advertising if they have seen it before.

So I vote for either numbers 2 and 6, or numbers 3 and 7.

Nice work, you have some good photoshop skills. Wink
Ya that's kinda the same I was thinkin of. Actualy it wasn't that hard all I had to do was basically put a gradient on it and then a half circle with the opacity down then find a font.

My friend actualy created the glow around cr3ative. He is a photoshop freak!

Do you think I should make a tutorial on how I made those in photoshop?
Maybe, I'm not that good at graphics, and although I can use photoshop... I'm not really that good. I can't create anything on it, only edit pictures; mostly using the clone tool.

Perhaps you could make a basic photoshop tutorial - if there isn't already one. I'm sure it wouldn't only be me who would benefit from this. Wink
Good idea I'll think about making one I will definatly put one on cr3ative after its done. Although I am not good at it that much either your porbly at the point I was last week with the program.

I respect that.

Thanks watch for a post in the tutorials thing, anyone else can you give me your opinions.
Anyone else have an opinon they would be willing to give me?
2 and 6. The rest is a little bit too bright. A site must be easily readable
they're oke,
but i dont like the pixelfont you use for 'creative'
i dunno, it's not that nice imo, maybe try it a bit smaller ?
Thanks for those ideas. Ya, actualy I got the font that Cr3ative is in from a font site it is font 04b or 0fb I can see how it looks pixilie.

Anymore opinions?
I like 2,4, 8 , and 6.
The green ones are good, black and red with glowing OOOH.

Just be careful about the contrast, on the bottom the green is solid and the white glow take effect, but on the top the light green make the glow fade.
Honestly, I'm having a hard time choosing from them because aside from the fact that they all look similar, the text that says creative is really good. I just don't fancey the font that you used for the words Get creative and Founder. Try a different font for those texts... Smile
They're all pretty good, but I'm partial to the blue ones, myself. They would look alot better if you added a border around the outside, though. Wink
Ya they would look better with a border but honestly I have no idea how to add a border in photoshop eles I draw it from scratch.
Check this out. It's the best tutorial that I've read for making userbars in Photoshop.
there is only one big thing i don't like about your sig Razz

if you take a look to them... they don't have any end, they fill the image if you only delete 4 px (one each corner) they will look much better!

a border round about the image will do something similar... (have look to Marston's banners (in his sig))

try to make images closed in itself (avoid open ended images Smile

I agree with silentpark. Making the borders rounded will give it a more style-lish look. The colours and general theme of your sigs/ads are good because it'll attract attention and hey, that's basically what you want. Something I suggest you try (for you ads at least) is to somehow intergrate animation to it. Not only will they be bright, they'll be flashy!
tehk wrote:
Something I suggest you try (for you ads at least) is to somehow intergrate animation to it. Not only will they be bright, they'll be flashy!

Good idea. If cr3ativ3 put a little sparkle that moved allong part of the edge of the elipse and then disapeared then it would be even more eye catching. I don't know if you have flash, cr3ativ3, but if you do then import the image and just put on a simple sparkle effect; it shouldn't be too big though, and then export it as an animated .gif.

This is only an idea, though. Razz
I like the blue ones the best, but not sure about the red, black, white and either green or blue. The color combination doesn't "rhyme" for me.
i go for no 2 and 7. but then again it also depends on the total layout of your page color and design. it has to blend in
I like the lighter ggreen ones; especially the 'creative' text - that font is one of my personal favourites. I humbly submit, however, that the 'Founder' text is incongruous with the 'techno' theme, and a better plan would be a less traditional font or a shadow or something.
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