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The Hobbit (Before the Lord of the Rings trilogy)

I'm amazed.
I'm shocked.
I'm stunned.
I'm gobsmacked.

None of you have heard of "The Hobbit"?

None of you have even READ "The Hobbit"?

For shame!

The hobbit is the prequel to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Ever wondered why Bilbo Baggins was so rich?

Ever wondered how he got the ring?
Here is a link... Sorry that the quality is so low.

Best of all, it comes out... This December!
This trailer is bogus. Just a bunch of LotR and Dragonslayer clips spliced together.

And this fact can be affirmed by that there is no such film as "The Hobbit" on IMDB comming out in any near future. Smile If film isnt on IMDB it simply doesnt exist.

It will be in the near future.

I mean - Not as near as I previously mentioned. But near. Stupid legal stuffs....
That trailer is a fake, it is nothing more than pieces of other films, LoTR and Dragon Slayer patched together. Being that it says the movie will be launched in Dec 2006, there would be more hype about it on major film sites, and there would be a run of trailers everywhere. But as it is there is none, other than that fake.

Would love to see such a movie come out, but as of yet there is nothing in the cue for such a movie.

Good Book id love a movie to be made of it Very Happy
Actually, there IS a movie based on the Hobbit out there. However it's an animated film. Quite old, however it wasn't too bad. At least I think it wasn't too bad. I was in elementary school when I first saw it.
Hogwarts wrote:
I'm amazed.
The hobbit is the prequel to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Ever wondered why Bilbo Baggins was so rich?

Ever wondered how he got the ring?

Yeah! Of course I know. Being a lotr fan, how could i have missed the hobbit. Very Happy

But I had only seen the book, and heard nothing about the movie.
I love the Hobbit. The book was awesome, and I can't wait to see it made into a movie.

And Yes, Peter Jackson has the rights and is making it into a movie. Very Happy
Wow theyre making a movie? Shocked
Thats awesome! :]
I loved the book Very Happy
heard about it..

but prefer the trilogy...
Yay, I was wondering if they were going to make this. Is it with the same director? The king kong guy, forgot his name. Anyways can't wait. (The book kinda sucked I must admit)
Jackson may have the rights for "The Hobbit", but he hasn't said (yet) that he's going to make the movie. At least not in the near future... Though I'd love to see him doing it.
I read this book in English class at school, I liked it so I bought a copy Rolling Eyes then went on to read the trilogy later in life, The Hobbit is a good easy going read and anyone who is thinking of reading the LOTR trilogy should read it first
I haven't read the book yet. But I will some time. If ever this becomes movie, I'd like Peter Jackson to direct it. He did great with Lord of the Rings.
I had the book bought in a used book sales... never knew it was that interesting... I got bored after 5 pages Rolling Eyes

Maybe I will take another look at it when I have time
For all of you who have not read the book READ IT!

And for now; I loved most of Peter Jackson work in "The Lord of the Rings", so I just hope he makes "The Hobbit" aa stunning movie. Because Tolkien's universe is so great, and I would hate for anyone to ruin it. Keep my fingers crossed, hoping there will be a great movie in the future.
Finally! It seems that Metro Goldwyn Mayer, the owner of the movie rights for ''The Hobbit'', has contacted Peter Jackson in order to start talking about of the making of the new film. Jackson would be interested if he could do it in two movies. Hope this leads to some new great Tolkien movies!
Wow animated Hobbit!!!
There's way too much money to be made for them NOT to make this movie. It will be made.

But it won't be out this December.

My thoughts are that they will have Peter Jackson at the helm once again, utilising all of his expertise from the LOTR movies. I also heard that they may split it into two movies. Why not, when you can make more money that way?

Anyway a great story. Look out for the movie within the next few years.
Patriot Players
That trailer is definitely fake. I would LOVE to see an actual live action Hobbit movie, although Im not so sure it will actually happen. It doesnt have quite so massive a following as the trilogy did, and its not as battle heavy, nor does it provide opportunities to throw in love interests like LOTR did. Unless they decide to add a female dwarf or something, which would be just plain odd.
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