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Setting up Ftp Server

Tutorial on setting up your own FTP

I Found this tutorial along time ago, and thought it's pretty helpful for those interested to know or even try to setup their own private ftp.
This is for the bulletProof FTP server 2.10, however it will work fine on most following versions as well.
I'm assuming you have it installed and cracked.

1. start the program.
2. Click on setup > main > General from the pulldown menu.
3. Enter your server name into the 'Server Name' box. Under Connection set the 'Max number of users" to any number. This is the limit as to how many users can be on your sever at any time.
4. Click on the 'options' tab of that same pannel (on the side)
5. Look at the bottom, under IP Options. Put a check in the box 'Refuse multiple connections from the same IP. Thus will prevent one person form blocking you FTP to others.
6. Also put a check in the 'Blocked Banned IP (instead of notifying client). VERY IMPORTANT! If somebody desides to 'hammer' (attempt to login numurous time VERY quickly) your server/computer may CRASH if you don't enable this.
7. Click on the 'advanced' tab
8. At the bottom agan look at the 'hammering area'
9. enable 'anti-hammer' and 'do not reply to people hammering' Set it for the following: Block IP 120 min if 5 connections in 60 sec. You can set this at whatever you want to but that is pretty much a standard Click 'OK'

Adding Users
11. Setup > user accounts form pulldown.
12. Right click in the empty 'User accounts' area on the right. chouse 'Add'
13. Enter account name. (ie logon name)
14. in the 'Access rights' box right click. chouse add.
15. Brouse untill you find the directory (folder) you want to share. In the right cloum you will see a bunch of checkboxes. put a check in the following ones: Read, Write, Append, Make, List, and +Subdirs. Press 'select'.
16. enter a password for your new FTP account.
17. click on 'Miscellaneous' in the left colum. Make sure 'enable accout' is selected. Enable 'Max number of users' set it at a number other than zero. 1 for a personal accoutn and more that one for a group account. Enable 'Max. no. of connects per IP' set it at 1

18. Under 'Files' enable 'show relative path' this is a security issue. A FTP client will now not be able to see the ENTIRE path of the FTP. It will only see the path from the main directory. Hide hidden flies as well.
Put a tick in both of these.

Advanced Stuff
You don't need to do any of this stuff, but It will help tweak you server and help you maintain order on it. All of the following will be broken down into small little areas that will tell you how to do one thing at a time.

Changing the Port
The default port is always 21, but you can change this. Many ISPs will rotunely do a scan of its own users to find a ftp server, also when people scan for pubs they may scan your IP, thus finding your ftp server. If you do deside to change it many suguest that you make the port over 10,000.
1. Setup > main > general
2. In the 'connection' area is a setting labled 'listen on port number:'
3. Make it any number you want. That will be your port number.
4. Click 'ok'

Making an 'Upload only' or 'download only' ftp server.
This is for the entire SERVER, not just a user.
1. setup > main > advanced
2. In the advanced window you will have the folowing options: uploads and downloads, downloads only, and uploads only. By default upload and download will be checked. Change it to whatever you want.
3. click 'ok'

Final notes
when you are running your server you will spend much more time at your computer than you do without usually. Don't be afraid to ban IP's and report them to an admin. (include the log file please) Remeber - on your FTP you are GOD. do as you wish, and how you want it.

When your online you must also select the open server button next to the on-line button which is the on-line Button

There is almost identical workflow using Filezilla Server. It has the same features as G6 FTP Server (fomerly known as Bulletproof FTP Server), but is free and open source (and legal for any use.)
I found that ArGoSoft's software is pretty good, they have a lot of different servers available, both free and pay. Some examples of their software that I use are their FTP, Mail, Time, and News servers

- Mike.

There is no illegal software in the forum, thusly, avoid using terms such as cracked or hacked just to stay on the safe side.

All in all a good tut.
CoffeeCupFTP has a free FTP Program... Instead of using a cracked one your should use that.
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