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Complex guy's-mind..

This year a new guy came into my life >_>.. we'll call him 'Steve'. Anyway, he quickly grew on me and I became interested in him around November-December of last year. He had been going out with my very good friend (let's call her 'Peggy') and when me and 'Steve' became friends, he told me how he had been crushing on me when he first met me. It's been hell since then. While he's with Peggy, he always seems to be flirting with me. He's told me he wants to date me and he can't leave me alone. I've avoided him and he just always finds a way to talk to me, though I ask him to leave me alone. He says we we aren't friends anymore when I don't want to talk to him (because it's really painful) and then acts as if nothing happened <_<. It's..really confusing. There are times when he finally breaks through and tells me how he wants to be close to me and how torn his mind is, but then he goes right back to his 'just friends' policy. It's almost like his hard exterior is keeping his feelings suppressed. And I can't forget about him, there's been a cute cuddly dream every night for a month now. Advice? ;_;

I know that it will be hard but you probably need to forget about this guy. If he really wanted you he would not be going with your friend. This guy is clearly a player. If he cared anything about your friend he wouldn't be messing around behind her back with her good friend at that. If he cared about you he wouldn't put you and your friend's relationship in jeopardy like that. I think this is a losing battle. You may need to get this guy out of your mind and get interested in someone else who is worthy of your time and love.
I suppose. He is pretty much of an ****** anyway.. I've been told that the only reason I like him is because he's the first /guy/ to actually show interest in me (I am also male) so >_>..maybe that is. When summer's over, hopefully I'll be able to find someone else.

Thanks ^-^
I don't know how much I can, how long I can live for this. I feel disappointed. I feel an end instead of a beginning. The first thing my heart does when it is angry is remember how good I used to have it. This is probably a total deception. I think of last summer. I was a bit cruel. I was impatient. I was miserable. We did not get along... I thought he wasn't smart enough. Now I'm with someone who thinks he is the smartest around. I am remembering the complex thing he did when he came back from Alaska. He created a mystery involving gnomes and gave me mysterious directions to the library, where I had to find a book, in which he had hidden a secret letter with directions on where to go next. He stood near a tree. I wore a green ribbon in my hair. I was not in love. He sent me a gnome for my birthday. He left photographs on my car. I didn't think any of this was good enough. (I can't live for anyone, I could put up with anyone.) I want a family.
I think about last summer in Alaska. The Christians. I think of what we prayed for all together. I think of what I asked, probably the only thing I truly sought. And I recognize that in a sense, my prayers have been answered. This is real. I don't Care about what N.T. Wright would think, I don't care if there is a resurrection theme in every movie being made. I care that this year I have been completely blessed. A cottage, a job, a lover, Health. Comfort. Hope. Long hair, long legs, heartache. (I feel like he hates me for being into anagrams. For trying to talk. He called me autistic when I said I hated to be disappointed. He said I am rigid, afraid of change.) JERK. I want to call him a jerk every time I see him lately. I want to see one movie and not wait for what he'll complain about as soon as it is over. Seriously. We spent one night together in the last week, last night. He insisted on the dark, I felt I could have been anyone, anywhere. He said he'd pick me up from work, and fell asleep and I walked home. We didn't even kiss tonight. I said I wanted to and he complained that his mouth hurt from having teeth pulled two weeks ago. I am gaining patience, and strength, and I think I am really learning. But I don't think the children I imagine are his. I don't think so now. It is so hard for me to say that. I want to love him so much. What else could I ask for? Is anyone going to feel good enough? I don't want anything to do with drugs. I don't want anything to do with criticism, meanspiritedness, irreverence disguised as devotion. My heart hurts. I must be very strong. I am registered in three classes for the fall semester. Life is hard work. Maintenance is crucial. I am being edified.
I noe I'm a guy but please let me share my feelings. I am gay, so basically I also have to handle weird minds. Personally mine isn't that complex. Its filled with love. But some men are full of sex. They are into screwing people one night and then forgetting about it. It isn't very nice and it is awful. Best chances are, this guy is in it for the sex. Unless he has a really great heart and you see him helping people, he is all sex. But dont take my advice, listen to yourself. I think you should listen to your heart. My sister recently went out with the nicest guy. he was a soccer player and he loved being around family. he treated me like his younger brother and my mom as a queen. The only thing was, my sister went to the wrong people for help. She went to a person at church, who had no counselling experience and she asked for help. Well the guy told her to dump him because he wasn't christian. All of a sudden, the soccer player ( now her ex-boyfriend) was heart broken. He started to loose all his games and felt depressed. He was a different person. Now before you listen to any one of our advice, I think you should first listen to your heart. Because if this guy is a really nice guy, your heart might have something else to say.
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