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what do you like to do

i like computers Wink (original post deleted becasue it was answered)
look here for you answer to that question Very Happy
i like to think something new. sometimes i'm playing playstation2, watching movies, watching dvd animes, and many more.

but i like computers too.
complicated but i'm so addicted to it Laughing
i like to go on the computer and learn new things like php and mysql
I'm up for anything. I love computers and sports and any type of puzzle
I like looking for shells at the beach. I also like driving my car through backroads in the woods or across rural areas. Ooh I love being naked. I like drawing people I see downtown when they're reading a newspaper or eating a doughnut. I like to make interesting sculptures or art pieces out of junk material that would have otherwise been thrown away. Most of all I just really like to be naked.
I also like internet
we can get anything we want through the internet
I think i finally find a forum to get back every once in a wile. 1-. Because I like many things 2-. I had found my self, "having" to make a post with out finding a topic that were according to my mood at the time. My post didn't reflect the time I was spending here.

Until Now!

At this precise moment im enjoying listening to Philip Glass - (Einstein on the beech). (with heathphones)
This is soooo beautiful. . I think I'm Flying. Everything is dark except for the monitor- It's sunday afternoon-
Inside everything is iluminated.
I like computers too. I can do alot of things with it (Chatting with friends, playing games, posting in forum and etc).
I have many many hobbies...model making, fishing, drawing, design, basketball, swimming, badminton, squash, tennis.........
what I like to do... lets me think first?.. many thing.. such as play computer game... play badminton, play chess , watch movie, dating.. chating .... online... and many more...
and one more thing.. i like sleeping ha..
I love spending time with my gorgeous family most of all. I also love photography and planning my business set-up and learning the skills of photoshop and catching up with friends
I like math.

I'm serious! Smile
i like drawing, art, video games, baskteball, swim, and also fix cars, race cars, do yard work, goto clubs and bars, drink party, travel,g amble, and also do it, and hang out with friends and family. drive arouind.
I like just wasting my time doing nothing .... Cool
Watchin anime, reading mangas, playing with my 3 month old puppy, spending time with friends, meeting new people my age, talking to one of my ex's.... annnnd... the intrawub. Computers. *drools*

I need a new computer though. This one needs liquid cooling and i doubt this case will hold it. So now I'm trying to figure out a way to get a new super-computer (as in top notch cards) without making my dad blanche at the price. Hahaha... ha.. heh.

Mostly I like spending time with my old friends and my ex. She's a special lady.
I like to play with my little boy.
I like to just spend time with my family...

I like to see my friends and discuss anything...

I like to thank God for everything..
I like camping, kayaking, cooking (and eating!), reading, flying R/C Planes, flying REAL planes, movies, TV....and anything that involves my wife Wink
Right now I'm enjoying some oreos with milk. Very Happy

in a sunny Saturday afternoon.
simulators always good ... dont forget mmorpg s they make you ambitious but when you lvl up you feel these while listening to a music
Right now I'm enjoying doing nothing, and just feeling numb.

Lest go to the music to chage that.
I Live, and love computers, but I also read alot (not real fond of television)....and scream at the stars (some of you know what I mean Wink )
I like sex.
I like sketching. Making 'art.'
I like web/graphic design.
I like photography.
I like e-mailing old friends.
I like being with friends.
I like reading.
I like reading a lot of useless news.
I like learning about different people.
I like helping others.
I like listening to people and helping them out.
I like hugs.
I like looking for pictures by agency every day (yeah, I have AFP, Reuters, etc. press-only pictures. ;])

I love my boyfriend.
I like the beautiful girls of my university... I love all...
i like reading comics & watch movies... becoz some of them are very funny....
when i am fine i mostly work with the computer and the designing. sometime listen to song and all. but now that i am in fever i am not liking any shit now. its so unease feeling in me. Evil or Very Mad
I also like internet
I love drawing, painting, and playing guitar. Basically, I like anything artistic.
i love playing on the computer
I like physics and maths, and I like playing computer games, reading world news, swimming, soccer, badminton, table tennis and learning new and weird stuff.
allanxiao wrote:
I like physics and maths, and I like playing computer games, reading world news, swimming, soccer, badminton, table tennis and learning new and weird stuff.

You actually like physics?? Man, it was all I could do to stay in my physics classes let alone enjoy them. For me the subject rates right up there with double entry accounting...I think I'd rather wrestle a vampire, the results would be the same. Smile
since i was really busy, i wanted to lie down in a big flat rock shaded by big trees beside the river hearing birds, water flow and the wind. thats very relaxing to do.
i like to be involved in sports. next in line is computer stuff.
i like painting, watch tv and play comuputer games Smile
i love programing in delphi :]
I like changing my banner every once in a wile.
sleep and eat
Well I would say that I have a number of things that I enjoy.

Working (you spend 40 hrs + of your week doing it, you might as well enjoy it)
Working out
Reading (mostly fantasy stuff)
Spending Time with my Fiance
Watching movies

I am sure that there are a number of other things that will come up but that is mostly it.
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