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What do people think of this concept?

I guess it's a bit weird asking people who are signed up members of this site but, how do you feel having to post on the forums in order to maintain you site? Do you find it oppressive, how often do you have to post?

I'm considering joining but don't want to put loads of work into a site only to have it taken down because I'm not posting...

Would most of you prefer not to have to post of is it all part of the fun?
I personally don't mind posting here Smile. You only need to make a few posts every week to keep your account (a relatively small amount compared to other web hosts).

Would most of you prefer not to have to post of is it all part of the fun?

Well, the ads you see on this site are helping to pay for the hosting. No posting would mean no ad views, which would mean no income for FriHost, and therefore no free hosting Wink.
When I first signed up, I wondered the same thing, having heard about similar ideas elswhere. My two concerns were that keeping up with the posting requirements would be burdensome, and that the forum messages would be unoriginal or uninteresting (especially with a lot of other users' attempts at keeping up with the requirements).

The former certainly was not the case, and it has been easy to keep up.

Although there is some of the latter, that is mostly from people who don't bother to think about or care what they post and is not the norm here. In addition, users who make a habit of writing such posts are warned and/or banned so they don't continue to disturb others.

Now that I'm also a moderator here, I appreciate the site even more, and can honestly express my appreciation from personal experience, not just as an official statement.
I'll tell the truth and say that lately I have found posting burdensome. When you're busy for weeks at a time it can be hard to find the time and remember to post on Frihost. Sometimes I will go on week-long website coding binges, during which I will frequently idle on the forums, but after that I usually slow down and forget all about it. However, even with posting requirements, this is still the best host I have found. On the other hand, I think having these forums and forcing users to post makes it feel like a real community where you can get constant support for your sites. I really like the idea. Out of the other hosts I have used that had forums, nobody posted on them. It was really a b***h when you wanted help from an admin. Pardon my language. Shocked Anyway, if you can post once a day, you should be alright on points.

Sorry I didn't sort that into paragraphs, but thats my opinion. Wink
I am one of the forum lovers i.e. I love to post. So frihost was never a pain for me. You see, if you can post a VERY long post in 5 minutes which will give you four points, and those four points will be enough to free you for the rest 96 hours. This means you just need 5 minutes in 96 hours to get your site running up and fine.
The problem with what to post arises when the forum is relatively new and does not have many threads or a good community to talk with. But the frihost is very big and the community is one of the best I have ever seen in the 100+ forums I was a member of.
This idea of posting is really really good.

I think this whole concept of "posting" as a burdensome fact comes from people who dont have the time for it. Frihost is my second forum-home and I would say that I dont have much spare time here as I had with my former forum. Nevertheless I still post with quality in mind whenever I can this being because I believe this is what frihost stands for. I think what we have to keep in mind is that whenever we want to learn something new or connect, lets start off with frihost. Things will work better that way.

:: I just got hired. Sweet
If you're a good writer, posting is obviously easier for you. Sometimes people will find it hard to think of something to write in a post, or they have time going from one idea to another and having it make sense. I know I do. Think about this: it probably takes at least twice if not three times as long to WRITE a post than it does for someone to READ it. I think this is where the problem comes in. I probably could have typed this in just over a minute if I were copying it, but it actually took about 5 minutes to come up with the ideas and organize it into a readable format.

So yes, it can be hard for those of us who have writer's block.
i dont think its that bad, since it is only about 1 post every 2 days or so. if you want you can stock up you points until you have 45. you only lose one a day and you have until -20 unti lyour site gets taken down so that is 64 days without posting.

i would rather not have to post here to be honest since i am a member or alot of other forums and like to post on all of them but dont find time. but it isnt really that bad since it is only one post and there are alot of different boards here to post in Very Happy
I think the posting is easy to keep up with, and it's definitely a better alternative to text ads, banners, or pop-ups being put on to your site (after all, FriHost has to make money and pay for our hosting in some way). I find that 95% of my posts net me 4 points (I usually have a lot to say), so I only have to post about twice a week to keep active with the minimum. For quality, free, ad-free hosting, I think that's a perfectly acceptable amount of work to put in. I've only been here a month, and I haven't ever dropped in points, but it's also nice to know that if I get bored (hit a rut or something) I've got a month or two until my points drain out, and that should be plenty of time to get re-invigorated.

My advice would be to keep checking out new and different forums. I originally thought I'd just stick with one forum and keep posting there (since it was my favorite topic), but that made it hard to keep finding/creating topics of interest. Now, I jump around, looking for an interesting topic to respond to, and I'm bound to find a discussion to jump in on somewhere. When all else fails, check the PHP/mySQL and HTML/CSS forums. People are always posting new problems, and you can put your time to good use by both helping them and netting you points. Also, you don't have to "think of something to say." You just need to answer the question, which, if you know the answer, kind of writes itself.

Anyhow, two thumbs up for the forums here. I've got no complaints.

- Walkere
I'm going to put it this way. I'm third in posts and i still find it easy to mantain severl sites i have. I come on here like once a week and post a couple of posts. I'm helping run a free webhost now and still come here because it is a great host. They are really good here and you'll find it easy to post. My suggestion post a couple times each week or two and you'll be fine. Very Happy
This is how it works: You post and get a certain number of points depending on how long it is, etc. I think most of the time it ends up being 2 to 4 points per post. You have a limit of 45 (meaning that once you go over 45 you will be reduced to 45 point the next day). Each day you lose one point. It is not bad at all. You can come in once every 45 days and post for an hour on an extreme case.

I actually find the posting not hard to do especially when there is so much information to get here on the site. It is a very good host and you should deffenetly join.
Initially i wasnt best pleased with having to post,especialy after i got hosting granted, i was busy setting up and maintaining my own site,but as others have said ,it only takes a cpl of visits a week to keep up above the minus,and if thats what it takes to maintain hosting then thats fine. plus of the threads ive read and joined in on they dont seem to be just random posts with ppl just filling up their quota for the week,they mostly seem well thought out points of views.
Fire Boar
I like posting here, it's a good and active forum (well, it has to be) and so you got your opinions heard by many, questions answered quickly, et cetera. The one and only bad thing about Frihost is the downtime on server 2, but I have every confidance that it will be sorted out sooner rather than later.

The hosting itself is far far better than any other free web host on the entire internet! With professional stuff like PHP and MySQL, unlimited POP3s and that sort of thing, it really does make almost anything possible for you. Now if only someone did free .com domains, I'd be as happy as can be!

The points requirements are not by any means cumbersome at all, at least for me. Bondings is in my experience very forgiving. Heck, I could even quote that users who have been active for a while but just drop in points from inactivity would be on the last priority for getting their hosting removed. Basically, the points seem to be more anti-spam issues than anything else.

Now this post is a 4 points post. Just for your information.
They have the posting system for a reason, they can provide free hosting because their advertisers pay frih, and they do that because they get clicks, and that is because we spend time on the forums, and frih knows that we, as a user, are doing our part by bieng on the forums, and eventually cliking the ads, thus the advertisers pay frih, so they can continue to provide free hosting. If we don't post, then were not clicking ads, and this tells frih were not doing our part to make it free, and thus we dont deserve our free hosting.
hehehe dragonfly you have made that exact same post down to the spelling mistakes in this forum allready, any way I Personally come here everyday anyway so its easy, really you just come to talk to people you would never have met anyway and you find you have posted heaps, that works for me, but you probebly stopped reading this topic ages ago so bye. Rolling Eyes
I love the idea because Its cool because Im seeing ads so that pays for my hosting instead of my visitors having to see ads (ps im not hosted anymore since im working for a site now)But when I was hosted I loved frihost hey I must still love it since im posting here right now.

Also this is nice since I met alot of friends here And with so many members the support forum is esspecialy nice and you usualy get some good help in matter of a few hours compaired to supporting a help ticket on other hosts and waiting a minnium of 24 hours.
Even though i haven't been here for long (i've been to similar places)I must personally say that having to post to keep your website up can be good and it can be bad.
The good reason is mainly because you get a heap of space to mess with, a lot of bandwidth and it's FREE!!! The bad reason is that if you're busy for a while and forget about your site completely it will more than likely get deleted.
You can prevent that though, by just making a lot of (useful) posts before you even ask for hosting. That way you've accumulated enough posts to secure you site for a while.
Overall, posting on this website to have your own free one is well worth it.
The more you post in these forums, the more you'll see that it's the perfect community to belong to. I personally love the people in these forums, everyone is so nice.
Also, it's not tooo big a community, which means you can make friends and interact with everyone easily.

And if you get maximum points (45) you can leave your account for 44 days before it goes into the negatives and you're in risk of your account deletetion.
I know what you are worried about - and too be honest i am also still finding it hard going, i have only been a member a few months and to be honest did it cos i needed some webspace and i have heard good reviews about this one in particular.
I work in IT, so am onlie alot, but usually doing actual work where coming onto this forum can sometimes become a bit of a chour i guess.
Its a state of mind thing, if you made this your hompage and everytime you went online you just chcked the newest posts to see if you feel you need to input you will never lose your site.
I sometimes feel alot of post i would comment on are very full and to start reading every post in them to see if someone else had already made the comment i was going to make would make it very tiredsome in deed, but i also see why they want it this way to make it a comunity that people are proud of putting there responce in for.
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