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Can we replace the current centrino duo with centrino ore 2

Hi Guys

Has anyone come across any piece of information on whether we can upgrade the laptop centrino duo to the more latest core 2 duo and how easy/hard it is. I am using a HP nx 9420 with T2400(1.83).
From what I've been reading, Yes you can. supposedly you can swap out a core duo with a new merom chip. But it would depend a lot on the way the manufacturer designed your laptop. if its a socketed chip then it should be simple. but if its soldered to the board then I don't think there is anything you can do. I got a MacBook Pro 2.16 duo, which is soldered to the board, so it can't be swapped out. I would check that before you drop the cash for an upgrade core 2 duo chip. but according to an article by anandTech it would make more sense to wait until intel releases 'Santa Rosa' before upgrading.
NO you can't
core duo and core 2 duo hav different current and voltaghe requirements

the core 2's need a lower voltage (down 0.4 volts nearly), your chipset may not support it anyway
I think you need to do some research on your particular motherboard/chipset. Google search CPU compatibility list [your motherboard] and see what comes up. Otherwise its just a guess if it will work or not.
As long as the proc on your mobo is removable, the socket type is the same, and you are running a compatable chipset. You should not have any problem using it. Like one guy said earlier though. They may have different Vcore requirements so you may also need to make sure your BIOS supports volt modding so you can lower the Vcore if necessary. But as always, just be careful and do a lot of research on your mobo before you make any decisions and mess things up.
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