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firewall on Windows XP SP2

the default firewall setting dont also to ping from other system to windows xp

help me to enable it....
Try out this:

Right click my computer and select Properties >> Remote
Select "Allow Users to connect Remotely to the computer"

Then go to Control Panel > Firewall settings >> Exception >> and tick Remote Assistance!

I'm not sure about this! Anyway, try this!

Crying or Very sad

NiranVV - figure with explanation is good Rolling Eyes
If you want to make your windows xp sp2 machine be ping-able from another machine just follow this simple steps.

1. Click START -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall

2. In Windows Firewall Dialog box, Click on Advance Tab

3. In ICMP area click SETTINGS button

4. Check "Allow incoming echo request", then press OK button.

5. Then click OK button to close the windows firewall dialog box.

Now that it is already enabled, connect your computer to your network and from another computer ping the windows xp sp2 machine that you had enabled the ICMP.

If this helps... a few FRIH$ donations would help. Thanks.
yes it is working.... also i made security settings and succesfully connected with domain and prepared for RIS installation... every this is being good.. and very easy.

internetjobs seriously dont use default xp firewall cuz its a crap, install Kerio you will be verry happy from this firewall an this software have more options and secure better your pc.
can someone tell me how to setup a home network..

i mean i want to access my friends ' files on a LAN network connected thru HUB..

I have tried many alternatives ..

Once it worked fine .. but ideleted all the shared flolders from my network folders belonging to his computer..

after that it shows no folder now even though i tried creating shared folders on his PC agin..
get your friends computer name or IP address and give it to the computer search, (Right click Mynetworkplace and select search for computer),

if u not get the system
check the following.....

1. check u r system IP and friend's system IP.. and verify that the ip can connect or not(same IP Range)
2. check for IP conflict
i think using WIN XP SP2 firewall is not good idea, i prefer using third aplication firewall like Zone Alarm or bitdefender
Rev` -
I don't like SP2, when installing it half of my programs didn't work, games also, so I stick to SP1 and all the progs work
u must install windows xp sp2, otherwise if you use internet or if your r in lan your system will immediately affect. sp2 and latest update must.. other wise you want to reinstall your xp continiously..
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