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Science Talent Search Project (RESOLVED)

I joined this Science Talent Search organised by STAV (Science Teachers' Association of Victoria). It's a state-wide high school sorta competition, if you like. Presenting day is next week (12 August), so got to do it quick. This year's theme is "Australia: Our Dry Continent" (there has to be something linking to it). I'm making a game - board game.

Can you guys give me some ideas (rules, instructions, objective, etc.), or maybe introduce me a some games as a reference.

1. Needs some scientific idea or principle.
2. Educational - completing tasks, making decisions, problem solving.

More information, look at the handbook, page 19 (pdf file - 566KB).
a board game

wow...real scientific

im doing a research project for a high school nationwide competition, the SIEMENS young american scientist competition. it involved (to keep it simple and not sound like a jerk or stuck-up nerd) the hemolysis of blood by a protein made of 2 parts associated with the pathogen (agent) that causes the whooping cough and similar anti immuno deficiencies and anemia. it was the 144th and 147th base pairs so medication for people with low immune systems that cant handle antibiotics will be replaced with a protein altering drug followed by a weak antibiotic to clean up the cellular debris left by the protein mutation from the first medication
i have pinpointed the area (like i said be4, 144th and 147th) and am working on ideas to start developing a medication.
and this is considered just a 'good' project.....dammit nothing is good enough for them

anyway on topic.........
dont make a board game. do a geographical study of the topograhical geology of certain ecosystems and sub biomes in australia (different landscapes)
Huh?? Shocked I've absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Does this prove that Americans have bigger brains (compared to Australians)?

dont make a board game. do a geographical study of the topograhical geology of certain ecosystems and sub biomes in australia (different landscapes)

Too late. I've chosen the group, which is games. Can't change now. Great idea. Tell me how to apply it in the game. Idea

Should I put the Australian Landscape as the board?? With the deserts and beaches, etc.?
I just saw a GREAT Video that showed the whole situation of these frogs giant frogs that were imported into Australia to eat some sort of crop threatening bug. sugar cane I believe. anyway the frogs eat everything but the target species, and have begun to colonize more and more of austrailia.
Its a GREAT story of man mucking about with natural balance without understanding all the reprocussions. and some maps and projections of the populations would be good. Seems like Australias dry climate has limited their migration somewhat.
I've already presented my project. Hope I get some prize. Cool So I guess you can close this thread now, moderators.
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