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The Demo Scene

How many people here are familar with the computer demo scene?
Every year hundreds of parties accross the world take place where people showcase there creative talents both graphically and musically..
People often forget there are other things that can blow your mind on your graphic card other than games...

If you go here you can download some and also lots of free music.

If your after a few suggestions i would recommend downloading some of these files to get you in the mood!!

Those two are not too demanding on your graphic card and will work well with just about any dx9 gfx card. Many of the demos from this years partys are a little more demanding. If you want a good party to look for releases may i reccomend the `Breakpoint` partys and here is a link to this years demos from Breakpoint.
I hate sounding like a grumpy old man, ranting about the "good old days"... This gave me quite a trip back to the nerding days of the early 90s, before I remodelled myself into one of those allegedly "cool" guys I used to despise... Since The Party started in my hown town (in Denmark), and Assembly (Finland) wasn't that far a trip away, I have a lot of good, geeky memories from that time. Smile Wouldn't ever want to go to a demo party again, though. Not the person I was 15 years ago.

Now over to the grumpy old man... Looked at some of the top ranked demos and intros of the past few years, and it seems nothing has happened since 1995... The music is still the same old trance and trip hop. The visuals still look like something taken out of a blurred semi-forgotten DMT trip.

The code... The thing that made demos interesting in the previous decade was the hardware standstill of the scene. The Amiga 500 didn't change for a decade from 1985, and yet coders kept using it (in spite of the PC starting to enter the scene) and pushing the technology to do new stuff. Kefrens, Silents, Sanity...

Spaceballs could convince an entire party (in 1992 - "The Final" - that was a great Christmas Wink) that their demo was "State of the Art", just by doing something different with some pretty awfully bad code. Even stuff that was ancient in terms of code (like Budbrain Megademo) had interesting aspects to it (it was funny at the time Very Happy).

Now we have pixel and vertex shaders, DirectX taking care of most of the low level stuff, and new graphics cards every other month, and nothing seems impressive. Especially since noone (from what I've seen) wants to do anything new in terms of content.
I know exactly what you mean. There does seem to be somewhat less magic about `modern` demos and ive been into demos since i saw my first on on my Amiga 600 13 years or so ago. I still run the odd demo on my A1200 and somehow lots of them seem to be more impressive. Its like now most graphic cards can throw about just about anything sometimes you think `so what` lol.

Still tho, I do like to have a good browse of the demos that are around today, and there are new entertaining ones out there. Shall link to some more ones i like when i get the time. Smile
Ok.. Its Friday night and here is a couple more of my fav demos for you to check out!.. Both are for the Windows OS Platform.

1st one by awsome demo producer `farb-rausch` and is called `Theta` (FR038)

Features some stylish graphics and a kicking soundtrack!. (requires a dx9 card)

Download it here..

2nd choice is by `Smash Designs` and is called `Sleepless`. It does not even require a modern graphic card as it is all cpu rendered, tho a fast processor is recommended! has a nice retro trancy soundtrack and takes you on a little journey.

Download it here...

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