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Kimi Räikkönen

what are you thinkin about F1 driver, finnish Iceman Kimi Räikkönen. Could he be the Champion some day and with which team? In which team's colour you think he drives next season?
He'll be sitting in Alonso's place. There is going to be an exchange of the aces of Renault and McLaren-Mercedes. If he gets to drive in equal conditions (same reliable car) that Schumacher and Alonso are having, F1 could get very very interesting.

BTW, 500 days with Alonso as the World Leader this season!
my favorite F1 player is Kimi Räikkönen.He is very fast. Very Happy Very Happy
After Mika Hakkinen in the 90s would definately be another fellow Finnish Kimi who takes over his driving seat.

I think Kimi might want a new environment and join Ferrari. Either way, I don't really care much, as long as Kimi suits himself well enough to win the F1 within a few years time.
I like Kimi...
one day he will win the F1 definetly..
i don t know him i only know schumacher lol i think kimi is too bad to be famous
Kimi is not the best player right now, at least he is behind Alonse and Schmi, but he possibly WILL BE.

By the way, I think de la Rosa did very well in his last play.
mattchun wrote:
Kimi is not the best player right now, at least he is behind Alonse and Schmi, but he possibly WILL BE.

By the way, I think de la Rosa did very well in his last play.

that alonse is better then kimi oke but schmi is not. kimi is much better then schmi but the car is kimi has got almost every race some problems

i think that schmi must stop afther this jear. he is way over his top.
I would love to see him in Ferrari

Considering their pace late in the season it could be the car to beat next year and there is nothing like the two best drivers in the same car with team orders.

Takes me back to Senna and Prost days!
The only trouble for Kimi is... he doesn't have any LUCK, remember last year, Nürburgring, Hockenheim, and all other races where the McLaren just got out of race.
The best race for Raikkonen was Suzuka 2005, he started almost in the last place in the grid and managed to pass Fisichella on the last lap Exclamation
my favorite F1 player is Fernando Alonso.He is very fast.
kimi has the worst luck any race driver could possibely have.... Sad he is arguably the best driver out there... if all drivers had same cars.. there would be nothing between alonso and kimi... and yes they, both of em, are way above schumi...

now for the next season alonso is coming over to mclaren... and though kimi's plans are not certain just yet, the german press is claiming that mercedes has offered kimi a huge huge raise for him to stay on at mclaren for another 2 years.... i so wanna see this happen... kimi and alonso both racing in mclarens... Very Happy
Kimi is a good driver but im not sure if he has wot it takes to win the world championship. If he does he needs to be with a team that can offer him more than mclaren have as they havent given him the car to do it with. I think that he will go to ferrari as over the last couple of years they have been the team to beat plus they have lots of resources behind them. They are also a mulitple winning championship team and they have the best people in the business working for them. He might go to renault becoz they are the team to beat at the moment they are a good team but how long will it last im not certain but i still think it will be ferrari.
He doesn't have what it takes, the way I see it, Alonso will be the next Schumacher.
What is it with Finns and Formula 1 racing? I can't figure out why they always seem to come up with a contender from this small, awesome country of 5 million people. Any ideas on how they continue to produce winners or at least contenders? The weird thing is that rarely there are more than one or two at a time. I guess it's a population thing, but one would think that most of the time there would be none.

How many contending Swedes or Norwegians are there?

Get the idea?

I was just curious about this. Any thoughts or ideas on how it happens would be interesting to know.
Don't forget the rally masters Makkinen etc. .It is strange that they have fast people there.

Kimi simply don't have a good car, next year he will drive Ferrari or Renault, I"m sure he will end up as Champ or runner up.
*disclaimer...I am of a Finnish background so I MAY have a bit of a bias*
I believe that if his engine would quit blowing out he would for sure be way ahead of any other driver except perhaps Alonso. I think Alonso does have a faster car though. As someone mentioned before Kimi would be even with (and in my opinion better) than any other driver in the world if given the same car. IF Alonso switches over to McLaren it AND Kimi Raikkonen stays it will be interesting to see who is then the number one driver.
i think NOW he is worth notihng. why? he makes silly mistakes when formula is perfect. everyone says that fins are very quite and calm - but i don see that kimi is. if he could concentrate more, maybe than he could compete leaders, but ..
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