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Books for sale website.

Ok, I have my website up. I have been trying to decide if I actually wanted to post it here or not because you all are sometimes a bit harsh on the critique! Smile But, I think I can handle it.

I am NOT a web designer, I sell books. This is a quickie site to put up until my son makes me a better one. I probably won't make much if any changes to this one.

So, I guess I am ready, what do you think?
Not bad for your first attempt. Simple, but I kind of like the muted color scheme. That banner/ background image is quite relaxing. Couple of things though you might want to think about when your son re-makes it for you...

The buttons (text links on the left) are a little too big and spaced out.

Actually, everything is a little too big. Try and leave some space on the all sides. Less of a margin between the navigation and the main content. Make the logo at the bottom a little smaller.

You don't have tons of information. What you do have is good but needs to have some hierarchy to it. For instance, make the line 'We are glad you're looking for books...' bigger. Skip a line then make 'Who we are:' bold or bigger. Then fill in that info. Do the same for the rest of the sections. You already have it setup for different sections, just divide it better.

One last thing. On your links page, it would be nice if you could add a short description of what the site has to offer since a lot of the URL's are rather long and non-descriptive.
Hey, great start on this website!
I agree with what eruct had to say above and have a few more ideas.
For example, have you thought about adding a blog or a forum as a resource to other homeschoolers? This might be a great way to start getting traffic to your site through telling friends and other homeschool parents you come into contact with.

I think you have a great start here and can't wait to see how it turns out.
Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I know it was kind of big. We were trying to get up quickly. He's kind of busy and was only half working on it. "Just make a layout and I'll put whatever you want on it Mom" kind of thing. I used to do layout design for PRINT, it is nothing like web layout so I kind of get frustrated with the differences and figuring out how to make it do what I want it to do. Maybe I'll be able to catch him for a few minutes this weekend so he can show me how to make some changes now that he has it set up.

I LOVE the idea of a homeschool forum. I have a couple homeschool yahoo groups but they are very local. Thanks for the ideas!
Oh, yeah, I was also going to add google adwords. Do you think I can add it to the top or bottom (preferably) instead of on the side?
If you really want to add ads to your site, I would suggest making them off to the right side. However, unless your site gets a lot of traffic, the tradeoff of giving up valuable screen real estate to ads may not be worth it.

Just my thoughts, though.
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