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If your parents said to you...

S3nd K3ys
You can wait until we die for your inheritance, or you can tell us things you would like and spend some of it now so we can watch you enjoy it.

What would you do?
keep your money and I will enjoy mine~
soulman wrote:
keep your money and I will enjoy mine~

Hehe, you beat me to it, indeed especially if i make a lot more then they are. I think they spent a lot for me when i was a kid, now its time to pay it back.
meet in rio
Pretty much what everyone else has said, although if they were 70 or so then I might consider accepting some of it before their deaths because of inheritance tax and the like.
Thats a very big IF for me.... because my parents arent so liberal with thier cash....

I'd take some of it now, to help my financial situation improve, and pay for college etc, and then let them enjoy thier money, because I don't NEED alot right now.
its theres... let them enjoy it!
I personally believe that the only reason we enjoy money is because we have worked hard to earn it. I would let my parents enjoy their money and i would enjoy mine. Very Happy
I feel like that's a really weird thing for a parent to ask. I don't know what I'd say and I hope my parents never ask me such a thing.
let them enjoy their money and wait for the time they died then get what you have inherited..
Money is not that important. The great thing is, the values that your parents have passed to you and your siblings. It's the only thing that can not be stolen from you. You can earn money. But values, You can not.
I wouldn't want the money before they die. Until their death, they may do with it what they want. And if my parents die, the last thing I would care about is money.
yeah, that is kind of a weird thing, I've never really heard of any parents offering that. I'd tell them to keep the money, though, it would feel just too weird to have them buy stuff for me like that.
To quote a certain Great Hero...

Peter wrote:
huh?? I can never expect my parents to say that and i won't really want them to.
I somewhat doubt I stand to inherit anything - both my parents are completely broke. Besides, I don't really need huge amounts of money at the moment - I'm 15! Smile
I don't think my parents are going to say anything like that. But if in case, I won't ask them for anything. I want to enjoy living my life with them (even if I can't buy all the things I want) and not living my life with their money.
If they were rich Id just take the cash and be happy. But they arent Sad So I guess I would let em keep the cash and enjoy life themselves.
i like beeing independent and earning my own money. I've been working first for extra cash and then to survive fully on my own money since 15. I don't like taking money from my parents, since they would have better things to do with them than give it to me Wink
At my particular stage of life right now, I may accept in order to move when I finish school. I live in an apartment in my school town right now, but I graduate in April and could probably use the money to move to Toronto.

But at any other time I would not accept. They can go on a cruise or something. They'd like that.
I would say keep your money, you've done enough, and I'd really prefer not to think about you dying Sad
It would be weird for me to take my parents' money in a situation such as that mainly because accepting the money would make it seem as if I was happy that they were going to die eventually. Maybe that doesn't make too much sense, but it would be too strange and morbid for me.
I would let her keep her money, I'm hopin my mom lives a while though.
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