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debian gnu/Linux install

I'm a newbie on linux.
I have lots of questions need to be answered.
After struggling more than a week i gave up to google those howto's document.

Please teach me or direct me to a site that i can find an answer.

I have downloaded an installation disk from and installed it.
After the base-config run, i 've got a login prompt.

Next, i tried to install xfree86 so that i can have a graphic interface.
But i couldn't figure out how to download this package and install.
When i run 'aptitude', it just shows lists of uninstalled packages and when i hit the 'g' button, it just shows no package will be downloaded or installed. So i tried apt-get install xfree-common; looks like this one works fine but it just installs xfree-common only. how can i install those dependent packages all together? and i also tried something like 'atp-get dep-build xfree-common'. Looks like this command worked to. But i couldn't find where the downloaded files are located. Is this command is for just downloading binary files? or it does depackage and installtion too?

Sorry for the st*pid questions.
The question is:
1. How can i download xxx.deb package?
2. Where or which directory these files will be downloaded?

I'm also not very familiar with linux but have been using Debian for few mounths so I'll try. Wink

You download and install packages just like you did it already, but with apt-get:
apt-get install yuor_package_name

you can also use

which is an interface for apt
Both of these download and install the packages so you do not have to even know where are they placed.
When your gui will work install Synaptic. It's the most convenient tool for me.

Comming back to the problem whith X.
Package xserver-common is not full xserver. It's just a part of the xserver.
Depending on which Debian distribution you use choose one of these:
If using stable(sarge) you should try this:
apt-get install xserver-xfree86

when using testing(etch) or newer use:
apt-get install xserver-xorg

Xserver will be useless without Gnome or KDE.
I use Gnome so I will show you the way to install it.
apt-get install gdm gnome-core

Next use should install Synaptic:
apt-get install synaptic

Installation of further packages should be done using Synaptic.

Sorry for my English and hope this will help.

One more advice. There is a site with info on the packages:
Thank you so much for your help.
Your detailed explanation saved me a lot of hassles.

I've installed xfree86 and gnome packages, but i'm still struggling to get the GUI window. I couldn't figure out how to configure the X config file.
During the boot, it says something like "no screen is find". Anyway i'll take care of it. thanks,
Use tasksel choose "Desktop envionment", this will install Gnome and KDE desktop. This is fit for debian beginner.

Yes, you can use apt-get to install gnome or KDE desktop, but you must choose what modules to install.
It seems that graphics driver is needed. If you have a nvidia card like I have go here:
I don't know how is it with ATI cards becouse i have never used them on linux.
If you've downloaded Debian and want to know how to use it, then you're in luck! The Debian project has some of the best documentation going. Here's a link to the documentation page:

Pay closest attention to the sections in the install manual and Debian reference on installing applications with apt-get. Its a powerful and easy to use command line tool. It will do you good.

Perhaps the easiest thing to do would be to do it from your computer. Try
which lynx
from the command prompt to see if the Lynx browser is installed. If you have it, then you canuse it to go to the Debian website and read away type
man lynx
to learn how to use it (you only need the basics).

If you don't have Lynx, you can get it by typing
apt-get install lynx
and then you're good to go. Read the Debian manuals, though. They're good, even if you don't continue with Debian.
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