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Robot Chicken is the smartest show on TV

This show is pure genius. Especially for people like me who grew up in the 80s with Transformers, He-Man, GI Joe, the Smurfs, etc.

It crams hilarious jokes into 10 second bits, and the longer bits are great. It's parody, satire, and pure silliness.

on a side note - why are all the best shows on TV animated? Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, Simpsons are about all that I watch, except for Lost. Discuss.
The whole reason why Robot Chicken is great is because normal sketch comedy shows spend about 3 minutes saying the same joke over and over again, and even bring back jokes that they told 500 times before. What Seth Green does is when he makes a joke, he's done, and goes to his next joke. Even the long sketches and repetive sketches still have original jokes, like the bloopers reel from the first season. Plus, it's pretty much Seth Green doing whatever he wants and playing with toys.
I don't really like the show that much. I used to watch it a lot last year because my roomate was a fan of it. There are way too many jokes/scenes that are not that good IMHO and they cover the good ones.
I think that the genius of Seth Green has a lot to do with it. I've enjoyed most projects he's been involved with, even those that I wouldn't have expected to, like the Austin Powers movies.

I agree that I enjoy the sketches that play off things from the 80's best, being a child of the 80's myself. I even check YouTube for segments I didn't catch on TV.

While I watch way too much TV and ejoy alot of live action stuff as well, I do find it interesting how the field of animation geared toward adults has sort of exploded over the past decade or so. I'm not sure if that has something to do with our generation or with the affect of techology on the cost of creating animated shows.

I'm also fond of Robot Chicken because it has that old school stop motion animation feel to it that I loved so much in Ray Harryhausen movies when I was a kid. It's just good stuff, all in all.
I wonder if there was any permission necessary for them to use the oldschool figures like they did in Twisted Toyfare.
biffb wrote:
I wonder if there was any permission necessary for them to use the oldschool figures like they did in Twisted Toyfare.

I beleive that what Robot Chicken does would fall into the gray area of parody or satire and as such isn't subject to those laws. I'm assuming they don't have seek permission or they wouldn't get it. I can't see Hanna Barbera or Paris Hilton having signed off on the "Masters of the Universe Teela Sex Tape" segment for example... *laughs*
NO this show is the most amazing cartoon television show in the history of cartoons!
The fist time I watched it I laughed my ****** ass off. I just recently bought the new season and watched it top to bottom in one night.
Although, I have been seeing episodes that were not on the dvd... are thoes from the new season?
I'm in love with that show. It seems every snippet I watch is more ridiculous than the last. I'm always surprised when they throw in a parody of a random cult classic.
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