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anyone else ever get this?

OK So your like in a smokey room or whatever and you have some beer, and you've had a few energy drinks beforehand (or you're at least dehydrated). Several hours later you get a hangover... OK Well that happened to me once and I figured it was a hangover but, the recipe for this is a bit more odd...

Essentially you gotta be mildly dehydrated for a few days and come in contact with second-hand smoke (not just Tobacco if you know what I mean... by which I mean weed) then add a late night and some other drug (not enough for perception altering effects) the last time, it was half a beer, this time it was Salvia, both consumed during a headache... Then sleep, with the idea that "the headache will be gone by the time I get up"

You wake up in a couple hours with the idea that something is terribly wrong, not just because of a migraine or the hallucinations (kinda like dreams but you know... on a loop, on a pointless part, about something that hasn't happened yet) but because of something you really can't explain why for... you try to sleep it off, but your mind is stuck on "5 second replay" and even getting up, walking around, taking a shower, whatever... nothing fixes it.

OK maybe I'm overreacting and this is how all hangovers are supposed to be, and you can get hangovers without ingesting alcohol, or maybe it's just a bad case of dehydration with it's effects seen as less subtle than usual because of the 'contact high' and small amount of other perception altering drug.

Heh. Anyone care to explain it to me? Never heard of non-alcohol related hangovers before so... feel free to tell me the contrary with the proper links or facts or whatever.
AdamantMonk wrote:
you try to sleep it off, but your mind is stuck on "5 second replay" and even getting up, walking around, taking a shower, whatever... nothing fixes it.

A couple of times I've had this. I've been sleeping fitfully with dreams or thoughts seeming to be stuck in loops of a few seconds long. Eventually I give up on sleeping and wake up fully, generally feeling more tired than when I went to bed.

However, this is usually when I'm very run down or quite ill, which doesn't happen too often, and depending on how bad I'm feeling, I sometimes manage to get back to normal sleep later. I don't really remember it ever having crossed from sleep to when I'm awake.

My suggestions, have a glass of water before you go to bed (helps with hangovers in the morning anyway) and if you're more worried about it, try cutting back on some of the influences you fear may be the cause. In the end, it's most likely your body's way of telling you that it's not happy with how you're currently treating it.

'Course I'm not a doctor, so don't place too much faith in my words if someone else weighs in with more knowledge on the subject.
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