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I Want to Learn Linux

Who that could I linux.

But free .....
First of all you should install a free linux distro, and then get your hands dirty by experimenting with it. For that you'll need some documentation. Here is a starting point. ,

If you really want to know what's going on under the hood you should try the LFS distribution. or another distro that you build from source code. E.g

Please note that what I've mentioned here won't teach you anything on what's going on inside the kernel. That's a completely different challange.
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Well the FreeBSD Manual has one of the better Unix tutorials out there.
If you can i suggest using IRC for some really good discussions on linux and how it works.

I have found that the IRC network FreeNode has a lot of good channels on linux. The one in particular that i frequent is #linuxhelp.

If you need an IRC client for windows i suggest Xchat.

Other than that i would recommend

For your first distro i highly recommend either Debian or Fedora. However, if you feel like being adventurous i say get slackware. Its what i started on and now whenever im messing around with another distro, i always try the commands from slackware before i remember that im not in it anymore. Slackware is a lot harder than a lot of distros out there to setup, however, i have found that i feel like i learn more when i have to try harder rather than using easy distros and just having it work.
If you are new to linux, you'd better use a livecd to install it.
And I surpose Ubuntu, the desktop version is easy to install and use.
turbohead is right, you need to start with a live cd to make sure your computer is even linux compatible.. some hardware components (graphics cards/Ethernet cards/etc...) arent compatible therefore cant be used.. my flavor of choice would be a LiveCD Knoppix 5, and you can later install it if you wish.. knoppix comes w/ kde so it will be an easy and painless transaction from windows/mac..
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