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How to negotiate for a rise in salary?

Please post any tips and suggestions on useful methods and techniques on how to negotiate for a salary increase.
Have enough good evidence to support your request and be prepared to accept a compromise as long as it's not a vague promise. If your denied a rise then ensure that your given specific reasons why.
give specific examples of how you've increased your responsibilities or have contributed to the company

do not give an ultimatum.. "the raise or I quit"

maintain a positive "can do" attitude for weeks before asking

possibly mention cost of living increases but do not stress them
I really think you've got to have a reason to request such a thing. "Because I want it" is not enough. Have you recently learned a new skill or gained a qualification which might prompt a rise in pay? I can't see any other reason for random pay rises otherwise.

Think about it - if they give you more money, what's to stop everyone asking for more?
Always take in documentation:
You current job discription, any details of professional development and all other supporting documents that would supoort your case.

I would also suggest role playing the scene with friends and family, that will ensure you feel comfortable and calm when you finally get to the 'real thing'.

If you dont get your payrise, think of a negotiation fall back plan - ie. What you need to do (and how long) before you are eligable for a payrise. OR ask for training! This may not be direct money in your pocket, but it adds value to you in workplace moving forward.... you wont always be with that employer....

Good Luck - a good website with more advise is
Somehow so the boss that you actually do good on your job and bring good to the company, and that you are better than other. The boss then might consider it.
If you are lucky, you can do like me.
I was in a small company and by chance I saw an Excel file with the salary of all people of the company (file from the accounting department).
Then I compared the salaries with people in the same position and there were huge differences. I was in a pretty good rank, but there was 1 guy who had clearly more.
Then I requested a meeting with the HR director, and I said that I knew that the guy had a better salary than me (of course I didn't say how I figured out and I didn't mention any number) and that I wanted to know why it was so. Was my work worst or what should I do to get the same salary. The HR Director was very embarassed trying to check if I really knew the salary of the other guy.
Anyway I ended the day with a 10% salary raise. Not bad Smile
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