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Career in Linux V/S career in Windows

Which of the following offer better career prospects in terms of money and growth?
 70%  [ 7 ]
 30%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 10


what do you think about career prospects in linux and windows technologies?

Does Windows offer better prospects as far as money and growth are concerned.

Please sahre your opinion on this.......
Windows is less stable on older PCs. Unless everyone can afford (and wants to) buy newer top-line PCs, old CPUs running Linux could create a very nice world wide web.
trilogy456 wrote:
Windows is less stable on older PCs. Unless everyone can afford (and wants to) buy newer top-line PCs, old CPUs running Linux could create a very nice world wide web.

I want some career discussions here............. not which one is stable and which is unstable.........
I always heard Windows would be a better choice as there is much more competition in the Linux world (more Linux experts than Windows ones). So the Windows choice would earn you much more, in my opinion.

Please note that this is not based on personal experience. Wink
Frankly it's not really a choice and having expertise in both is very useful. These days client end is usually Windows and server end is often Linux. Neither choice will pay better than the other anyway. You can't be inflexible if you work in IT.
See Windows is clearly Degrading and now no one (i think ) is interested in joining micreodoft unless they come up with something really different.

On the other hand LINUX is growing fast day by day...
I like to pursue my jobs in the Linux field If i can..

World is looking forward to see more on Linux in the coming days
I think linux is clearly the winner bcoz:
1.Linux is stable than windows.
2.Less possibility of getting hacked.
3.Linux is free!
4.anybody can customse linux accoeding to their preference.

What does anybody want more from an operating system!
First of all, there are MUCH more windows boxes than linux boxes. And i don't talk just about home computers but in the companies also - there's rare usage of linux for the companies that is not involved in some computer-specific role (like web hosting, isp providers etc...).
Second, it's not true that windows is less stable on older machines - kernel cannot be more or less stable if it's run on slower machines.
Minimum system requirements for the Windows XP are:
P/300+128MB ram+10GB HD. It will work ok on that machine.
For the new things - look at the Windows Vista - it will be awesome, not to mention new (now called longhorn) server.
I don't think linux is more stable than windows - i have using windows machines running over 20 network services that is used all the time. There wasn't a single case of windows crashed or some of the services (except power outage).
Less possibility to get hacked? As i mention before, windows is a much more used OS than linux and becouse of that there's many attempts to find weakness, on the other hands, linux is the common target of hackers and there's new exploit every day for the various version of *nix - It is like this becouse linux is a common platform for the servers and everyone like to get root. Laughing
Yes, linux is free (arguable, depends on distribution), but for the support you don't get much - remember how much libraries you need to download to make some service to work, and no realiable support, just a manual reading, searching libraries, compiling etc...
You can customize Windows too if you like - if you don't like themes or if they are not enough for you, you can use tools like Windows Blinds.
Due to the majority of linux being open-source (yes, i know there are corperate versions of linux) there would be generally less money in it.
Microsoft, being the sell everything company it is, would be the better choice for money.
The main difference is what kind of job you want... I would suspect a job at microsoft would be more centralized, while a job for a linux company would be broader, in a knowledge sence.
You just don't know. In this day and age we should be thinking on a larger scale. In my personal opinion, I think Windows has some very nice qualities about it, but the open source nature of Linux is an obvious win for the platform. In the hands of a technically inclined person these tools can become the beginning of something big. We won't know untill we try. That's why open source is a good thing. I know the only open source business model cannot be selling technical support. There's gotta be another way. Seeing as how no one has REALLY done it yet, I'm gonna keep my mouth shut. Wink
A lot more people uses windows than linux, so the obvious answer seems to be Windows. But markets are changing so you must be prepared. Linux is growing in the server market and becomming better at desktop. My answer : both.
It truly depends on if you plan on working with the government or not. The majority of the government deals more with Windows than anything so you would get paid a lot of money if you are Linux admin due to the fact that it is harder to find a Linux admin with a clearance than a Windows admin with a clearance. Now for the public/private companies it's really a coin toss. Some companies I have seen redo their infrastructure to Linux because it is cheaper so they can afford to pay their IT people more to manage it. And then there are some that are fed up with Linux because the Linux "guru" left the company and pretty much left them stranded with a whole bunch of Linux servers and no Linux admin. So they learn from their lessons and go with the market standard right now and use Windows. So my advice to you is choose what you think you will enjoy more and specialize if you want to make the big bucks.
i agree with those who say Linux is growing fast. However , currently there are still alot of ppl who feel more comfortable with Windows.So my vote is Windows.That might change in the future.
Microsoft windows is what i shsll say too. Linux is growing with companies like ibm, hp etc... investing in them. But, the dominance of microsoft is far from over.
I truly believe that it is important to have skills in both environments. A great amount of business databases, web severs, etc. is on the Unix platform, but yet most people are still on Windows machines, and that's not going away anytime soon. Most products are going to be cross-platform, so the more you know about both the better!
MS bought Novell; Novell made SuSe Linux.

Anyone else predicting a future release of Linux under MS name?
Windows would be a better choice for me because I know a lot on Windows like programming MS Visual Basic, C++ and C#. Though still I would like to learn Linux because I heard that Linux OS are much more versatile than windows. There are a lot of things that Linux has.
Depends on the field of work you want to get in, but mostly Windows has got a larger number of job openings because it's more popular. Some companies are migrating to Linux but quite slowly - mainly because theres a lack of skill transfer between the 2 OSes and the vastly different philosophies behind the two OSes. I prefer doing Linux development myself, but I think its essential for most developers to get at least working knowledge of both platforms.

Another difference between Windows and Linux is the standardisations, Windows is a more controlled platform because Microsoft controls it all, whereas in Linux theres multiple vendors enough for novices to get confused quite quickly and abandon researching/adopting Linux. Of course at this price comes freedom, but a lot of businesses just want their systems "to work".
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