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my photo gallery.. comments welcomed


this is the reason I joined FriHost.. I'm a photography enthusiast and wanted a site to host a gallery of my favorite images.. nearly all were taken with 'old school' 35mm film cameras, many of which are 40 or more years old (the cameras, that is)

there are a few digital images in there, but for the most part, I enjoy the process of developing film myself, then scanning the images.. and I also think that film imparts a special look to images that digital cameras still haven't replicated

any and all comments are welcome on my images or the gallery layout.. it's a work in progress, and not a commercial site.. but if you have suggestions as to how it can be improved, let me know.. thanks, and enjoy!
Are you a professional photographer? The pictures look so impressive. I didn't have much time to admire all of them, but the sisters.jpg one seems to be my favourite. Very Happy
Well, I certainly must say, you have an impressive set of photos. Very Happy The one I like the most is the "borg.jpg" (I'm a huge Star Trek fan).

Keep up the great work! Very Happy Cool
thanks for the comments... the 'sisters' shot was my two nieces playing around in the yard.. the younger (front) girl was showing me her 'angry' face just for fun.. she's really quite the cutie (ok, they both are)

the 'borg' shot was a spontaneous shot of a building I was walking past.. the sky seemed to camoflage the building glass, so I thought it would be a cool effect.. it happens to be one of my favorite shots, too

no, I'm not a professional photographer by any means.. I bought my first camera 2 years ago (Nikon D70 dslr) and joined a few camera hobbyist groups online to learn how to use them.. since then, I've mostly stopped using the digital gear and have picked up a bunch of old rangefinder cameras (Leica, Contax, Canon, etc).. the stuff that photojournalists used throughout major world events

all the photos are just random things I saw and had a camera with me.. keep in mind that you see about 40 shots here, but I've taken about 4000 photos.. with that number, and a general idea of photo composition, you're bound to get a few nice shots Smile
JoeFriday wrote:

no, I'm not a professional photographer by any means..

But these pics look professional.. Very impressive! Very Happy Keep up the great pics! I always thought photography was cool, but I never really found the time to learn the basic things about it.

Again, lovely gallery. My favorite shot would be spinner.jpg. Smile It just looks so familiar, and personally, it reminds me of many things.
most of your subjects are well framed. is alwas a fight between apiture and eposure. nice job
Man its awesome photos..
I like the light_show.jpg. Ur select is superb.....

I like all photos
thanks for the comments Smile

"light show" was a tough shot to get, and was one of the very few taken with a tripod.. it was shot in December, during a particularly cold spell.. the temperature that night was -10 degrees farenheit (-23 degrees celcius).. the camera was an all-metal bodied Leica, and I couldn't wear gloves and operate the dials so I was gloveless.. by the time I was done (10 minutes) my fingers were so frozen that it took 20 minutes in the car before I could feel them again

"spinner" was part of a series of carnival photos I took one weekend.. one of my favorite subjects to shoot because of the lights and action.. it's carnival season again now, so I'll be shooting more of them this weekend
I think the exit.jpg is a cool one but ya I think it is a very good set of pics.
Really Like your black and whites, and your subjects of choice. Keep up the great work and look forward to more of your work.
They are fantastic pictures! Really do like them all, but my favourite is the sunset, it looks great, I also like exit aswell, it's the sort of thing you'd see published in a proffesional book or on a film.

Neal Wink
good photo site with flash
wow your photos are cool.

this is my fav.
thanks, all Smile

that photo really surprised me because it was taken with a $5 pocket camera that I was going to throw away.. I figured I ought to at least use it once to see if it works.. and that was the result.. the photo was taken of a marina on Lake Michigan on January 2nd of this year.. I believe the temperature was 5 degrees (F) that day
wow nice pic, im also eager and interested about photographs but sad to say i have no resources at all. lols.
WOW,a coll albums, I want to download and install this photo album!
yes the dock one looks very cool but I think it looks alot better in Black and White rather then it would if it were color.
wow putting your photographs apart.. the site looks wonderfull :p
The pictures are nice too btw :p (duh)
The image viewer is excellent, and the whole site is very very well put together.
Needless to say, your photos deserve all of the acclaim they are getting in this thread... but I just have to ask...

Is Modern Mona Lisa your wife? Smile
I love them, that SWF is hot also Smile
tidruG wrote:
Is Modern Mona Lisa your wife? Smile

no, that was actually a woman I dated about two years ago.. as was another woman in the "Breezy" shot.. my fiance is fine with me using those photos, as she knows I like the shots for their photographic merits

but my fiance is shown in the other images.. "white tee", "lichtenstein", "in your arms" and "powerbooking"
JoeFriday wrote:
tidruG wrote:
Is Modern Mona Lisa your wife? Smile

no, that was actually a woman I dated about two years ago.. as was another woman in the "Breezy" shot.. my fiance is fine with me using those photos, as she knows I like the shots for their photographic merits

but my fiance is shown in the other images.. "white tee", "lichtenstein", "in your arms" and "powerbooking"

I actually thought "in your arms" should have been titled "in my arms" Razz
I don't remember the others from memory... I'll have to go back to your site and look at those pictures then.

PS: Was "powerbooking" and "white tee" taken on the same day?
Also, even though I think most of the black and white pictures are truly spectacular in black and white, I think "underwater" would have looked really good in colour, especially if it's been shot in a green/swampy area.
I am not much intrested in photographing arts, but I can say the design of the website looks very pretty! Photos are also nice.
Nice work! Smile
Applause just beautiful
awesome. really well taken
I really like your artworks as well. They are simply amazing even when you captured with "cheap" camera. I am reassured once again that skill with simple equipment wil still do the job Smile Of course better equpiment means more options but yeah, your artworks are simply great
Those photos are VERY classy. I assume you do it professionaly?
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