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Over reacted police?

I'm sorry, but after reading this article, it seems like some people are to on nerve or just dont have anything better to do.

I feel bad for those kids, and I dont think they in anyway needed to have that happen to them.

Do you also think they over steped the line?
Pfft! Thats rediclous. All they had to do was ask nicely not to go in the tree again. Where i liv,e the police are such slackers, they dont do a thing. They'd rather sit n watch that do anything to help.

There parents must be ... umm.. cant think of a word for it... But u know what a mean! lol
Yea that messed up. They should have just told them to get down and they couldn't be there because it was a public tree. That they had to find somewhere else to go and do this. That action was wrong. It was a 12 year old. It it was like a kid doing drugs it would have been different. I fell bad for the kids. And i would sue them if i where there parents.
well... they must live in a pretty good area if police r arrestin u for climbing and damaging a tree...

round here... the police go after ppl like me... for doing nothing... i got stopped for driving and leaning my arm out the window... yep, pointless?? when they could of been solving a crime so much more important...

round here its gettin worse...
Those cops def. stepped over the line, but I don't think it's fair to judge all cops because of the actions of a few of them. My brother in law's a cop, and he goes into schools, he reaches out to kids he doesn't arrest them without warrant... So yes, those cops where out of line, but we can't say that all cops are...
I have nothing against the crime fighting force but I'd have to say they often overstep the line.

All those stories about cops abusing their powers and beating up defenseless citizens were one thing, but taking in 12 year olds for damaging a tree? Goodness, thats beyond overreacting. Seriously, the most they should have done was take the kids to their parents for a lecture or something of that type. >.> If it were me I'd even sue them for psychological damages to the children.
This is just one of the stories of rotten policemen, we have a lot of that in our country. Corrupt, lazy and just only able to take those who cannot defend themselves like these little children.

Thinking of charging those little children of criminal charges for climbing and playing on a public tree? Man, are you INSANE? Those cops who arrested the children should be the one to be put in jail. I hate to hear stories like these. Crying or Very sad
Those unfortunate children. If they lived where I lived, the whole police force, the fire department and 2 or 3 ambulances would all come to see the comotion.
jongoldsz wrote:
Those unfortunate children. If they lived where I lived, the whole police force, the fire department and 2 or 3 ambulances would all come to see the comotion.

haha... now thats crazy ish... is it really like that... Laughing
Unfortunatly I don't think the police are crazy. What they did was crazy but according to the law they were doing their job. Eccentic people (in this enviromentalists) would consider (and have) sued police departments for not dealing with this sort of thing. The problem is with the laws, not the police who enforce them. People take them far to literally as they seem to have no common sense. Either the laws need to become more specific or people need to realise what they cover or loosen up a bit.
Police are trained to do what they do. And they do what they do. They only have that one way of doing things. So when they're sent out to deal with 12 year olds, they don't treat them any different. The Police do their thing (because it's what they do), and people get upset that they do what they're asked to.
Really no one understands what the teens of today can do. In my opinion, the action which the police carried out was too much, as they would have just warned the children of taking them and keeping them at jail in the case that such an act happens again.

But some sort of action was surely needed. giving them too much freedom can even spoil them.

Warm Regards,
Abdul Basit
Thats not even against a law?!?! they pulled a few branches off of a tree, since when is that illegal? unless there was a sign somewhere that said 'stay away from tree' those kids did absolutely nothing wrong. the arresting officers deserve to be in jail. i mean, who hasn't climbed a tree as a kid?
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