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Best PC Security Programs for me!

I've been busy and idle in this forum for a week after an attacks had been encountered by my pc that also causes my Pc to Crash and hang-up.
before i was using Avast anti-virus - well its works good, i has a daily virus database update, also has network and web shield, and other security features. well after a several months of using it, last week, i installed Virtual Drive 10 pro from Torrentspy and after rebooted and loged-in, my Pc crashed up and the task bar/menu bar hanged up so used the ctrl+alt+del to end process some of the programs but still the pc crashes and hanged up in some part, so i end process the explorer.exe then run a new explorer.exe, well that fixed up the hang-ups, but everytime i connect to the internet my pc crushes up and 5 consecutive attacks was recorded in my avast network shield. so all i did is reformat my pc.

so after installing win xp, i tried to installed several security programs in my pc, but the problem is that i want to have the best among the rest, so i tried searching the net for Best security programs, and comed up with these:

NOD32- it has the #1 rated fastest scanner rates and extremely low utilization of system resources. Independent tests show NOD32 has a 2- 6 times faster hard disk scanning rate than other (and much more popular), anti virus solutions. Also they have the best record of virus database updates- they can detect the newest wild viruses that other popular anti virus cannot. (they have a table of speed and virus database record comparing to ther popular anti viruses)

For anti malwares, i comed up that
CounterSpy -*from Sunbelt Software has the same roots as Microsoft's Windows Defender. Sunbelt is a partner with Microsoft in the anti-spyware business at this time. The Sunbelt product recently came out best in several comparative tests. It's even getting rave reports over at Microsoft. (* try using 1 or more anti malware programs for better security, you may use SpySweeper as an additional anti spyware.

For firewall, i comed up with
ZoneAlarm Pro - delivers powerful, multi-layered security to your PC with an advanced firewall, anti-spyware, identity theft protection, privacy protection, and other functions. Its comprehensive, easy-to-use features can enhance basic firewall or antivirus programs, and are perfect for anyone concerned about online privacy.

For Anti trojans -
TrojanHunter - searches for and removes trojans from your system. With an easy-to-use Scanner and a Guard that scans in the background TrojanHunter is a must-have complement to your virus scanner. If you are downloading files from the Internet, you need TrojanHunter!

If you have a low memory computer/having problem running several programs,
Here's the best protection for you
(its what i am using right now and it eat up a few resources)
THIS 2 PROGRAMS is ALL YOU NEED for your PC security

Windows Live OneCare (anti virus, anti malwares, firewall, tune up your PC)
Introducing Windows Live OneCare, the new all-in-one, always-on PC care service from Microsoft. It works quietly in the background on your computer, so you don't have to worry about nasty interruptions from viruses, spyware, hackers, and other unwanted intruders. It also goes beyond security, regularly backing up all your important files and cleaning up and tuning up your PC to help keep it running at top speed. Because you have better things to do with your computer.

Windows Defender (beta 2) x86
Windows Defender (Beta 2) is a free program that helps protect your computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software. It features Real-Time Protection, a monitoring system that recommends actions against spyware when it's detected, and a new streamlined interface that minimizes interruptions and helps you stay productive.

Note: i guess using Windows Live OneCare and Windows Defender is the best among the rest in terms of compatibility and security. maybe its much safer and faster to use Microsoft products instead of non-microsoft products with windows xp- coz they know everything about windows xp.

Hope i helped yeah. and its nice to hear comments from you.[/b]
And what makes you think it's an attack from the internet? How about compability problems? Had a similar problem, and it was all because of that damned virtual drive. Use Daemon Tools!
Darius wrote:
And what makes you think it's an attack from the internet? How about compability problems? Had a similar problem, and it was all because of that damned virtual drive. Use Daemon Tools!

well, its actually an attack from the internet, to be sure, i closed all programs that runs internet and still i can see that my computer is sending/downloading something. regarding compatibility problems, i think there's no compatibility problem between Farstone virtual drive and avast!.
i've been using Farstone virtual drive for years.
and when i checked the attack from avast network shield, the attacks came from the same IP address.

and about daemon tools, i use PowerIso to mount .ISo etxs. and i use virtual drive to keep a copy of my cd's in the computer.
I have the best antivirus software ever.

I don't have to scan do virus updates or anything of the sort. I didn't even have to install seperate from the Operating system. It is called.

Linux, Mac OS X
i have read several post claiming that linux or mac are not affected by virus. how did that happen? im curious, maybe ill go switch to linux, but i dont know how to use it.. ive been using microsoft since childhood and i have never tried/operating linux. is linux just the same with microsoft? i mean the way u use your PC.
Thanks for the in-depth review - it's one of the best I've seen. Unfortunately though, there is already an Official Topic on the subject - please continue your discussion there.

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