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my portfolio

I make 3d graphics and I made a simple homepage to show my work.

The content is a little bit unfinished and there is only little in the gallery yet.

But I would like to know what you think so far.
You might want to thing about putting some type of image on your homepage, it looks a little stale. Nice banner though, very professional looking.

The work that you have in the gallery is pretty awesome. Excellent modeling and texturing. Can't wait to see more of it!
thanks for your nice words.
I will seriusly consider the image thing. Actually I thought about using a 3d image that I had made in the design but I didn't think I had any that would fit.

I don't have much to put in the gallery yet but I plan to have. I will probably post something in the art section from time to time too.
3d art: very good!
website for 3d art: not so good

it looks a little... bland.
Your site is really well looking! I love it! Your desing is showing on the serious content (or something like that - can't find more suitable sentence Wink )... Your 3d works are great. which program you use? One more question - this head was modeled with NURBs?
Nice, the site is simple but elegant.
3D ARTS is great. Can you make a low polygon model for free just for 3D games.
I clicked for the pictures and expected to see some rustic art, the layout doesn't fit with the 3d theme, it is a good layout though.
2005 - Medialogi Ba, Aalborg University Esbjerg
2003 - Multimediedesigner ak, It academy Esbjerg
2001 - Higher technical examination, Esbjerg Tekniske skole"

Write that in English Wink

On the main page:
<br> tags can be helpful Smile

On the links page:
Use CSS to change the colour of the links, so they'll actually fit the theme.

Apart from that, I really like the idea of the theme (though it's rather empty) and your 3D work Very Happy
Thanks for all your comments. Some likes the design and some don't so I think that I will change the design at some point but maybe not right now because I would rather use my time making 3d Smile

I don't think I will make a lowpoly model right now. Maybe I will make one some time though.

I haven't used nurbs its all polygons and made in 3dsmax. I do use Maya sometimes too but mostly 3dsmax.
Sorry, I wrote from my brothers account when I was visiting him.
Stupid stupid me Embarassed

So the post above is me Smile
That's a really nice site design. Maybe you could make the 'contact me' link fit on one line.
thanks shake
Yes you are right about that. It is on one line in Internet Explorer but for some reason there is a tiny difference in firefox. I have to correct this.
Did you see it in firefox or another browser?
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