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fly fishing

I've been an avid fly fisher for about 5 years now.. almost exclusively for trout

my favorite setup was a 4-wt Thomas & Thomas rod with 6X tippet and a dry fly.. altho my 3-wt Diamondglass is a lot of fun with little brookies that are so prevalent in Wisconsin

anybody else here an angler? where do you fish and any great stories?
I prefer teasing big Northern Pike with my #12wt T&T.
I like using 12's and 14wt rods to cut the wind and cast much further.
I'll only grab my 6/7 rods and under on very small creeks.
I'm sure that I am compensating for poor technique by using bigger rods
but it works for me.
I've seen a few pike and musky flies.. the things are as big as my hand! and it makes you think twice about swimming in lakes full of those predators.. LOL

I had an 8 wt Winston a couple years ago that I used once for steelheading.. but since the best time of year for steelhead in my area is late February, when the water is just opening up from the ice, and it's usually sleeting the whole time you're fishing, I quickly decided that wasn't for me

now I don't own a rod heavier than a 5 wt.. and even that one (a Winston WT) rarely gets used.. if I encountered fish larger than 15 inches on a regular basis, I might consider stepping up, but I'm usually pulling out trout that are under 12 inches
I've been fishing since I was a very young girl. I'm pretty cruddy with my fly cast though.
Around here fly fishing for steelhead is the big thing. But it's not my favorite; they put up a nice fight, but the weather's always a bit cold and you're not allowed to keep them anyways.
So we mostly fly-fish for Sockeye (that's what we'll be doing this weekend - there's only a 2 week opening!). And when there's an especially good run of Pinks, they're pretty fun to catch on the fly rod. You can usually wander down to the river and catch a few in about an hour in the evening. I like that best.
Nothing beats that time on the river. (Harder for us now that we have a 2 year old, but I can't wait to share it with him... he'll be hauling in a salmon of his own in no time!)
I don't know anything about fishing at all.
But I read a book "A river runs through it" couple weeks ago. (There's also a movie version of that book with Brad Pitt and Robert Redford)
The brothers and their father(a minister of the village) are crazy about fly fishing.
I also don't know anything about fishing at all.
My grandfather was fishing at ours (Croatian) rivers very often.
We have great conditions for this sport.
Manny cristall clear mountain rivers with plenty of high qualitty fish and crabs.
fishing is a great thing to do in our free time!!! i like to fish with my father at weekends!!!
Fishing is definatly my sport / hobby of choice. After a mixed and bad past it has certainly kept me out of trouble.

I started sea fishing, then moved on to coarse and fly fishing. I only coarse fish now but I get my fly reel and rod out now and again and fish with a homemade duck quill float just for the sport of catching a decent fish on light tackle.

a 7lb carp on the end of a fly reel is quite an experiance... give it a go!!!
apparently carp fishing on Lake Michigan is becoming a sport in my area.. I got an 8 wt setup a few years ago to try that and steelheading, but never got the hang of it.. from what people say, it's a major adrenaline rush when those fish take off with your 200 yards of backing
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