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How do you Whistle Loudly ?

Hey everyone,

It has been one of my goals in life to actually learn how to whistle loudly, only using my mouth, and possibly my fingers, nothing else.

After typing a few words into Google, I found this page that tells how to do it, such as finding your "sweet spot" for finger placement, but I just cannot figure it out. I've sat here for a few hours today trying to figure it out, but it looks like it's just not possible.

If anyone reading knows how to do it, I would appreciate it if you were to step forward and explain to me on how it's done. Smile Thanks. It would mean a lot to me.

- Mike.
{name here}
If you want to whistle loudly, you'll have to whistle with your fingers. Finding the perfect spot is pretty much trial and error with finger placement and amounts of air.
Hahaha, man, I don't know. All I know is that my tongue lips and jaw are tired from trying.

I've also wondered how to do this... and where the hell everyone else learned how, before the internet was so handily ready for us.
Ugh, just thinking of that high pitched annoying sound is making me cringe.
I think it is one of those things hill billys pass down. I'm only half hill billy and that half never learned.
I used to not be able to whistle at all @_@ But through practicing, I manage to whistle pretty loudly now with just my mouth (I never figured out the finger thing either) but there are still occasional bursts of air that come out instead of a whistle @_@ I'd say, just try til your tongue falls out, I did XD
Code of Ruin
I can't whistle using my fingers but I can manage to make deafening sound using just my lips and a lot of air. Some of my friends can do it to. Basically it's just touting your lips just right and force a lot of air through the gap.
Lol, funny topic Laughing

Seriosuly, if I see someone whistles, I just cut his fingers off and eradicate his teeth Very Happy
I'v wanted to know how forever, and about a month ago, I learned!
Most of the whislting I can do (several different ways with my hands, with my mouth alone, with an acorn cap) is based on air going through a triangle. So the goal is to make a triangle using your fingers and your upper lip, and blow through it.

This is how I do it

    1. Choose which two fingers to use. (I prefer my left index finger and thumb, but choose what feels comfortable)
    2. Hold them to gether tightly (dont kill yourself, but be firm)
    3. Put them in your mouth till just before the top nuckle
    4. Press tip of tongue against joined fingers
    5. Blow as Hard as you can
    6. Adjust position
    7. Repeat steps 5-6 as many times as needed (hours, days, i dunno)

As i said, this works for me, so might as well try it.

Good Luck! Very Happy
Whistle with your fingers.
You have to fold your tongue with your fingers and blow air such that it resonates in the air column formed in your mouth.
Bets method i've found is to go out side.. walk to a shop.. and buy a whistle.
Then.. Placing your lips round the end of the whilst and blowing hard, usually generates a loud whilstle Smile

Else, i whistle using my fingers, probably the most effective. But it is just trial and error lol

blow really really hard
I am also tired of trying! And imagine that my small brother can whistle really loudly. It took him a month or more to learn how to whistle.
So I guess it is like learning to ride a bike, there is a method but you have to try it a million times (there are also some exceptions) and in the end one day when you are least expecting it, it will happen! Maybe this technique applies to the most things we try to learn in life.
Maybe nature lets people to have skills to the ones that fight for them the most (it may sound a little stupid) but I don't know this is how I kind of see it.
meet in rio
It took me ages to learn how to whistle normally. I've just tried to finger-whistle using Jabapyth's method and succeeded only in spitting all over my monitor. Cool

Man, I have to learn how to do this...
i tried... got it in bout 2 hours.. but not a major loud sounds tho
{name here} wrote:
If you want to whistle loudly, you'll have to whistle with your fingers. Finding the perfect spot is pretty much trial and error with finger placement and amounts of air.

Yeah You're right.
The only way I can whistle is using a little piece of grass between two fingers. It's not especially loud, but it's easy for me.... I'm so bad at whistling...
Pretty funny topic indeed.

I was trying thisn from the beginning, wondering how people are able to do that (pretty annoying though). Let me try this method now. If someone happen to hear a real loud whistle, probably that'll be from me. Smile
you have to blow really really hard. blow like youve never blown before and it should whistle. i use my two thumbs and i get a nice high pitched screech that deafens my enemies so i can take them down witha swift agile punch to the ear and it hurts even more.
just blow hard, harder!
1. Sit on your floor with no distractions and a few pillows
2. Try to whistle
3. Repeat step 2 until you a. pass out or b. learn to whistle
4. In the case that you a. pass out, try to land on the pillows
5. And remember kids, always practice practice practice!
do exactly what that website said...its not that hard. touch your middle finger to the tip of your thumb...don't press too tightly but don't leave a gap either. touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth (near the front) and place the tip of your midfinger/thumb link around half way down your tongue. blow hard, angled down. it will not make a sound unless you blow hard.
It is a life lesson. Your never too old or too young to learn. I am on the verge of getting the sweet spot and have hit it a couple of times. It sometimes sounds almost metallic. The exact spot makes your mouth go cold and stings slightly the tip of your tongue. But it is elusive the aspirated effect of passing a narrow jet of air over your tongue and taughly held lower lip via the top teeth. The process is exactly what happened to jack lemmon in the out of towners. He chips a tooth and ends up with a whistle. It is a Hillbilly thing Holly Golightly (lula Mae). Audrey hails a cab and the sophisticated Paul baby says I never could do that. neverWild Bill Kilgore in Apocalypse Now directing his men on the beach with high pitched whistles. I would be careful on cold windy days the lip would be liable to split. Flautists must have to practice all the time the range and different sounds are incredible.

Its no exagerration when he says you need to practice for several days.

Good Luck.
i whistle very loud....nopnop just kidding... Laughing
I can't explain HOW.. but i can whistle .... Very Happy
-- scrunch your tongue in the back of your mouth (the sides of your tongue should touch the back of your top molars)
-- put your two fingers (pinkies work best for me) nail facing back into your mouth, tips touching and touching the tip of your tongue. (your elbows should be sticking straight out to the side)
-- blow.
-- re-adjust
-- blow.
-- re-adjust
-- ...

until you get a good sound.

good luck
Well... when I was youn, I could whitle loudly but I didn't learn from others.. I think more practice is good teacher. Sorry.. I don't give you helful answer
raine dragon
I can whistle with my mouth, but sticking my fingers in my mouth just got me bruised lips, soggy fingers, and scratches on my mouth XD
From my child hood i tried to whistle in many different ways but i failed most of the times i tried. But it happened so on one day that i wasn't trying to whistle but i was kind of blowing air out and heard a loud sound which i didn't realize it was a whistle from my mouth. I actually looked around but couldn't find any one whistling. Then i tried again but didn't hear the sound and after trying few times i succeeded.

I whistle by squeezing my underlip, its very sharp and louder.
I have tried to whistle a couple of times. I see my friends doing it so loudly but when I try I fail. When we whistle we are supposed to blow our air out right. I cannot do it that way. I can whistle by pullin in the air into my mouth but the sound it so small that no one can actually hear it. I do not know how people whistle by putting fingers in their mouth and they do it so loudly that it's a pain to my ears. I would like whistle like them for once and even maybe tease girls that way.
i don't know how to whistle. D: i've tried many times, but i just can't do it. maybe i should practice even more. x__x
ugh, for me, using fingers just completely screws everything up. it's always been a "directed" airstream, and then i slowly but steadily increase the speed of the airstream to increase the volume.
Well, one thing's for sure, you don't laugh!
I can't whistle loud unless i use both of my fingers. I know that some experienced whistlers can do it with no hands, but yea...
A woman I work with did the strangest thing. Kind of squeeced her lower lip to some obscure form and sucked the
air in. A horrifiing high pitched sound filled the room and people came wondering if someone set the fire-alarm of.
I couldn't get a grasp of how this was done, but it sure was the loudest whistle I've heard. Wierd.
hahaha, gave it a shot, my mouth is killing me now! got a bit light headed as well... guess i'll try it again later!
even i do not know how to whistle, so do what i do, buy a whistle and use it to whistle
Kitten Kong
i can only whistle when i am wearing my motorcycle helmet, the padding pushes my cheeks together and helps direct the air into that perfect sin wave.
The thread should be in this way ---------

How and when you whistle Loudly ?

How --- ??

Its Indian Style....! keep your thumb and pointing finger in a shape as shown in the figure...

Then take it under tongue, take a long breath and just whistle. This will give a 100+ db of Sound...

When we watch our favourite star's Movie/Show...!
Embarassed I want to do it but I couldn't Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes [b][/b]
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