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Love Poem

I have beheld many things, traveling from place to place,
All the while, the one thing I long to lay eyes on is your beautiful face.

Those soft brown eyes and gorgeous flowing brown hair,
The face of an angel with skin oh so fair.

With beauty that surpasses all boundaries of purity,
Like the everlasting, undying loveliness of a tiger lily.

Delicate, light pink lips that the word irresistible cannot begin to describe,
They can project a comforting, caring, funny, or sarcastic vibe.

You might act like a devil once in awhile,
But it’s ok because everything you do makes me smile.

From that pouty face you do when you’re sad,
To that goofy walk you do when you’re mad.

From that lively sparkle you have in your eye,
To just lying with you while the minuets float by.

Being close to you makes me warm and peaceful inside,
It’s like sitting by the ocean at sunset and watching the tide.

Without a care in the world, just watching the waves roll in,
Plus the excitement of seeing a wild dolphin.

When we are together we have so much fun,
There’s nothing better under the sun.

From a spicy waltz or salsa dance,
In our own personal gazebo where we can privately prance.

Or just holding hands, being close, and walking real slow.
Remember that one song we know??

We’re better together.

Hey all you girls out there, is this to sappy or what????? i wrote it for a girl but dont know if i should give it to her??
Dont be a wimp - give it to her ( the poem I mean ) Smile Girls love poetry and this poem is not bad. Its better to give the poem than to one day think back and say " dam - I should have given that poem to her ".
That's a very nice, freely flowing poem.
It's a little mushy, but girls like mush (trust me).

I wrote this one some time back, but not any girl in particular. Maybe I will give it to someone who I fall madly in love with.
Being close to you makes me warm and peaceful inside,
It’s like sitting by the ocean at sunset and watching the tide

this words so so formulated .... i like its warmly soul so much

wounderful poem ....

send my Greeting Smile
Give it to her.
I have found as one has said, you just may regret the day you dont give it to her. If it is your true feelings toward her it is best to actually read it to her then give. I write a new one on every aniversary for my partner, its better then flowers. Wink
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