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To Mac or Not to Mac ?

To Mac or not to Mac, that is the question.

I have been an avid PC user for the past few years and have had very little time working around Macintosh computers, and I somewhat feel that I should buy a used, older Mac system to learn on. What I'm hoping on getting is a used G3 PowerBook, the silver one that looks like the G4. I seen they had a few on Craigslist in my area for around $200.00.

I have 2 Mac systems, very old ones. One is a Apple Power Macintosh 6500/225, and the other is a Apple Power Macintosh 7200/75. I have tried to get these systems with some sort of an internet connection through my highspeed, but there is very little information online that I have read, and it looks like it's almost impossible. The 7200 system has a built-in network card in it, but the 6500 does not. I opened the case and put one in, but I am completely lost on how to go about setting up the card and getting an internet browser on it.

Because I cannot get those systems online, I feel (right now) that in their prime, they're very expensive puzzle games, calculators, notepads, and CD players.

Because of that, I feel that I should start with a silver G3 PowerBook, as I feel that's where it gets easier to get these systems online. Is this worthwhile for me ?

All I really want to do with the Mac that I get is :

- Internet / Web Design / eMail
- Music
- DVD's
- Word Processing
- Not too much else other than that

That sorta defies the point of me getting a Mac if I can do all that on my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, but I feel that I should get one as I need to learn anyways.

I'm stuck with this, what's all of your opinions on this ?

- Mike.
S3nd K3ys
Mac would be fine for that, and it's always desirable to have more knowledge. They've always been good at MM. I started out on a Mac doing CAD/CAM eons ago, and still managed to crash it repeatedly. Now I have a PC, a Linux, and a Mac. Just because. Wink
It really doesn't matter what type of computer you get for what you'll be doing with it...

The reason a lot of people get macs is because they are graphic deisgners... macs are great for graphic design.

But if you want to learn.... why not use your old macs? Post questions in the forums about what problems you have and how to resolve them. Maybe someone can help you solve the internet issue.
The best way to learn about anything is to encounter issues. You don't learn much from something that works right. So save your money and learn more - chance are if you got a new mac it would be online once you hook it up. If you can do everything you need on your pc and just want to learn, use the older macs to figure them out Smile No loss if you can't. No gain if you don't.
try to get a g4, a tower, they are good and i think they arent very expensive, but choose a mac and not a windows (don't like windows)
For price/performance one of those new Quad Xeon towers looks good. Rolling Eyes

They're essentially PCs that >happen< to run OS X, and as soon as Microsoft gets off it's rear and has EFI support, you won't even need boot camp to run windows on it. (BTW, does linux have EFI support now, I heard something about it being integrated into a kernel update)
when buying mac, i think price is a focus point, the macs are more expensive, pcs can do all that you mentioned. so if you're buying a used mac than it's cheap, just get a mac if you are curious about it, i like pcs a little more, but macs are cool
MAC means father of Morden computer... eye shoothing effect cool OS... easy to work with... very comfortable...

but main and only problem is Compatible softwares r hard to find... i mean just google for a small tool... now 90% of them wont run in mac... Sad

otherways MAC roockzzz
Used Macs are going to age fast because of the new Intel processors. You might want to consider saving up and get a Mac Mini. I own a Intel Mac Mini and I have been really happy with it. Plus if you have to, you can boot into Windows. Anyway, just an idea.
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