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Rewriting the face of Forum RPG

Think of this. Live style inforelease.

You're in a town back in the 1700's.
The town text to yours is massacred.
No one is left alive.
There are no clues.
Police are just as clueless as everyone else.
What is there to do?
Find the clues.
Find out what happened.
Before you are killed too.
What you know
Will be
what you don't have.


Tempt fate.
Find clues.
Solve the unsolveable.
Em, call me stupid, but what exactly Is your point?

I think you have a really misleading title as well, mate Confused
This is the advertisement for my and Scott's site. Its a livestyle murdermystery idea with no end. It keeps flowing. You gotta find the clues and find out what the answer is as we drop clues along.
hmm, I get the feeling you guys haven't decided the answer yet Razz

I bet you'll keep on going until people quit, then email them saying the answer is in 2 weeks
We have the plot planned several months in advance. And if you have nothing kind to say, kindly bend over, and suck your own. *Smiles sweetly.* Because then you can do something useful with your mouth.
I'm merely giving constructive criticism, if you're unable to take someone else's doubts about something, then why are you posting it in a forum?

in my opinion, a forum is there to debate things, therefore, if I see a post, i'll read it, and give my views on the matter. If you don't want my views, why did you post here in the first place?

However, if you think i'm generating bad publicity for you, then I will stop bumping your thread for you Razz

P.S: an idea might be to put a link to your forum in your signature, as a way of advertising (if you don't know how to do that, just PM me, and I'll show you how)
He's got a point there you know. If you can't take criticism on something, I'd suggest you keep it private, and certainly not post it on a forum, with a lot of active users, who randomly click on links ^^
I wouldnt be mad with critizism but not when you say shit like "Em, call me stupid, but what exactly Is your point? I think you have a really misleading title as well, mate hmm, I get the feeling you guys haven't decided the answer yet. I bet you'll keep on going until people quit, then email them saying the answer is in 2 weeks". THAT was uncalled for and NOT critisizm. THAT was a downright insult. Why dont you bloody well come right out and say "Shit title, shit site, shit idea." Then at least I would have just ignored you for being narrowminded. That was completely uncalledfor. My point is VERY obvious if you arent stupid and you know what a forum RPG is like. My title SAYS THAT its rewiting the face of forum RPG. DUUUUUUUUUUH. BIG FREAKING DUH. Not ONLY did you ignore the goddamn obvious title, you went on to insult the very BASIS of our site. So, I repeat myself; go suck.
I agree that the title is a bit misleading, I was interested in this thread since I thought you had developed some new way to do forum rpgs, but from looking at your site it looks similar to any other forum rpg except that only one game is being played on that site.

Perhaps I'm missing something?
Okay. I'll explain, since you were so kind about it. My examples wont be popular but it will work. Lol. Smile

How Forum RPG's work is very differently than other sites like MUD or MMPORGS. Forums, like this site, is based on post-by-posy roleplaying. There's one character per account, and that account is registered under that character's name. They interact with other characters in topics like these, and there are mini-plots because of it. Like, one pair of people could be having their characters kill eachother while another pair is having a wedding at the same time. I've noticed most RPG's are all about killing eachother and doing the best job at killing eachother. My prime example of that: Teenspot. If you've ever been in the Roleplay section of that site, you'll know what I mean. Its hell in there. @_@. Okay, so anyways, lol. The Forum I'll use as an example is my friend's forum; it's called Darbyville Academy for the Gifted. Its like X-men's school, only a bit more humanish and they dont go out and fight a magneto persona. Its just the school. Now and again, you'll get a new forum to RP in, but its fairly standalone with a basic theme of "High School" with students with non-human abilities (Like fire manipulation, telepathy, gravity control, and shadow control just to name a few...) So that's that site. That's usually how Forum RPG's work; a basic theme that everyone makes their own little plots and stories about. Not like other RPG's, which usually has a set plot you have fun with, like Zelda, or dare I say it, Pokemon. How FORUM RPG'S work, is someone could be having their Zelda plot while someone else is having their pokemon plot, and both of them go to the same school. Got it yet? Okay. Now, there are OUR idea is to kind of combine the both and add a third element. Our site has a major set theme, but allows room for personal plotting, and includes a flowing aspect; updates. This site will work like a murder mystery weekend - if you've ever been at one. Regularly, we'll include little clues to who killed - and it will constantly change with new murders and new details, so really, there will be no end, but tons of murders to solve. Does that answer you? Very Happy
Yeah I think so... thanks.

I play RPG's on mainly in D&D style games, it's a play by post game site similar to forum games. Your site sounds intersesting... not exactly my cup of tea but I'm sure you'll find a lot of people that will be into it.

Good Luck!
Thanks! Smile
I've just recently added an information sheet, explaining in more detail what Upheaval is all about! Take a look! Smile
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