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photoshop/ dreamweaver help needed...

Hello again good folk of the forum

The site is progressing, but as im a serious newbie to all this there are many obstacles being encountered. I finally bit the bullet and invested in photoshop and dreamweaver, but am getting stuck with using them - particularly relating to adding content to my site.

Let me explain myself: i now have what i believe to be a workable design ive created in photoshop, optimized as html in imageready and am trying to use dreamweaver to update. All i really want to do is two things: be able to add as much text as i want to an existing page, and enable the page i create to stretch and fit browsers 800x600 upwards.

For the first, i think there's probably an easy answer but i cant find a tutorial that makes sense to my confused mind - when i try to add a table in DW it completely shuffles the slices ive created in imageready...

And i know the stretch to fit issue involves slices in some way but by God i cant seem to figure out how to pull it off. Frustrating.

So if any of you would like to reply in an 'Andy, just friggin' try harder, you expect us to come round and hold your hand?' vein then ill understand, but if you could offer any assistance id be rather grateful.

Your best bet would be to create a table and put your slices the way you like. Make sure that for borders of the table you select 0px and make them the color of your pages background. So go to >insert>table.
I hope this helps you out. Cool
Ok im assuming you saved like a banner in PS under 'save for web'. So there's gotta be an html and image files that go with the outcome of saving.

Here's the thing, the html file should contain the codes for the tables that hold the images together.

If you open the html file in dreamweaver, you'll see the whole stretch of tables,images, borders etc already arranged for you.

You need to copy that code and paste it into your site's document. whether your doing a .php or .html . You shouldnt insert a table then insert the images coz then everything will just be so damn complicated.

I normally do the visual side of my side on PS. To get it into DW with all tables and such, i save the photoshop file by going to file>save for web> html and images .


About the slices. If you want your banner or whatever to be of max quality when people visit your site, and not take so long to load, use the slices. Coz like one 700x500 banner with max jpeg quality could reach like 700kb.

the smaller the images the better. So use the slice tool and create a slice as big as your image. Then right click and divide the slices to smaller partitions. The longer by width and thinner by height ... the better. coz pictures load from up to down when visited on the web.

to keep the slices. use 'save for web' instead of 'save as' . PS will create a folder containing the sliced images for you along with a html file which fits the images to their respective tables.

All you gota do then, is copy paste the html code ... as ive said just now.


I'll let someone else answer the resizable part Razz
adredwood wrote:
and enable the page i create to stretch and fit browsers 800x600 upwards.

If your site emphasises on graphics, your gonna have a problem sorting that out. I recommend you fixing your page to fit only one resolution. That's gotta 800x600
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