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Razor V3 front LCD casing cracked. Suggestions?

The front clear casing for the caller id LCD display cracked while in my backpack the other day. I've only had the phone for about 5 weeks, and I'm seriously dissapointed.

BTW, my service provider is Cingular. I went into one of their stores the other day, but they told me I should just get another phone. WTF, I just got a new phone, and the LCD isn't even broken, it's just the acrylic(i think that's what it's made of) cover.

I was wondering if I could get the phone casing repaired, and if it would be covered by motorola's warrenty.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with their motorola phone, and if so what was the outcome?
Call and company and tell them what happened dont go to the store just call customer support and complain to them about tyour problem. My dad had a phone like that and the same thing happened to the front but he just left it like that. (It also depends if your prepaid or have a contract with them.)
That was my next step, thanks for tip. I'll get my whine on. I have a two year service contract with Cingular, and a one year warranty with Motorola.
If that does not work, you could probably try to make one yourself...
I have a case for my Motorola RAZR V3 phone (I have mine through T-Mobile, but mine doesn't have insurance on it though, as it's too expensive though). I guess all phones eventually go through a beating, as my sister's phone (same as mine) has a small chip in the lower right corner, because she dropped it on the floor. At my work, one of my co-workers has a RAZR phone through U.S. Cellular and they broke off the tiny round button on the keypad (in the center of the 4 directional buttons). I'm not really sure what to suggest as I've never really damaged my phone that bad, but my suggestion would to pry on them until they finally do something about it. I would go to the place where you got the phone first and have them explain to you what your contract covers, call up Motorola and see what they have to say, and then finally call up your service and talk to a higher person to see what they have to say about what their dealer did in response to what happened.

- Mike.
If all else fails, you can buy replacement covers for your phone, I have the same type also from cingular. I have a very different problem with it, which I think should be in another thread.

Anyway. replacement covers are cheap. If you dont want to spend extra to pay someone to replace it for you, you can replace it yourself. its pretty straigth forward. You have to use caution though, as the parts are thin and sensitive.

If I may, is a very nice resource for everything motorola.

if you want you can even unbrand your phone, as i did.
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