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Kaka coming to Madrid or not.?

Brazilian creative midfielder Kaka has again been linked with a move to Real Madrid after he paid compliment to the Spanish club.

Milan have already warned Madrid that Kaka is not available for transfer and the attacking midfielder signed a new contract with the Italian club just last month.

Kaka explained why he extended his contract stating, “My family and I are happy in Milan and that is why I renewed my contract until 2011.

However the Brazilian also spoke of his admiration for Madrid adding, “The fact that Real are interested in me and want me is very pleasing. Real are as great a club as Milan, or possibly even greater.”

The 24 year old joined AC Milan from Sao Paulo in 2003 and scored the only goal In Brazils opening game against Croatia during this summers World Cup.

I hope he comes to Madrid, the current midfield of Madrid has a huge void left over by the absence of Zidane. Rolling Eyes
i dont want kaka in madrid because i like barcelona.But considering all the things that are happening it want be a surprise if he come to madrid.And also milan is going to offer 100 milions for ronaldinho so they may sell kaka.
I thought he had stated very clear that he's going to stay in AC Milan already. Personally, I don't want to see him go to RM (I'm not Barcel fans). Though Rm looks very promising this year after recruiting many good players, I don't know if RM can rebound itself in such a short time. Besides, without Kaka in AC Milan, I don't know what's the point of watching the Italian League anymore. Now, Juv. has gone, leaving Inter Milan and AC Milan in the league. I can't imagine what it will be like if AC lose with Kaka and Shev.
How can someone (Real Madrid's President) promise something he cannot have?

I'm pretty sure they won't be able to get Kaka. At least not for a reasonable price.
Too much press coverage and speculation leads to little chance of the deal actually happening.
Nope. Kaka isn't coming to Real Madrid how much ever they offer. He's staying with AC Milan. As it is, Milan are currently in tatters. They've been deducted 15 points in this season already and losing Kaka would mean being torn to smitherins.
kaka will probably come
i had a chat with him
he's my family
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