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Old animals

Who the best way to take care of old animals ?
I visit the horse retirement center near me every other saturday. It houses over 100 old, sometimes disabled, horses retired from police forces or carridge pulling or what have you. They are not worked there, but they do get cared for very well.
It depends on the type of animal and it's health. Every old animal should have the right to live with dignity, have it's needs met and be treated with kindness.

There's a greyhound rescue centre near where I live and they take in the racing dogs which have been retired, then they try to find them loving homes. One of my daurghters got a dog from them. Hers isn't old, it just wasn't fast enough.

My own dog was a show dog. She had to have a caesarian so they got rid of her because she couldn't be used as a breading machine and as she had a scar, she was no longer perfect enough for them. she's perfect for me though.
Lets them do whatever they want - whilst keeping an eye on them of coarse.
do anything that it wants to do

Este perrito tiene 15 años (15 year old) y esta perfecto.
El mejor cuidado para el es el cariño de su familia.

Saludos desde Argentina
^Yo comprendo, pero no todos de los frihosters comprendo.
(My apologies for my bad Spanish)
Also, what is 'carino'? (I don't know that word.)
well if the cost of caring for the old animal outweighs your budget, then I would recommend putting it to sleep because spending thousands of dollars for surgery on a dog or cat or whatever is ridiculous especially when the animal is going to be constantly suffering. It sounds cruel but it's really more humane than you think.
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