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Exotic Animals

I see in Animal Planet, Discovery Chanel, National Geographic, etc... Many animals very interesting from fish to birds, insects, frogs, very whole tinted...

But I want to have a Spider (Tarantula), I can capture one but I think that will be dangerous...I'm fascinated with the exotic animals...

Also is a problem the trafic with this animals many animals die by this...

Do you like a exotic animal??? what is???
I really like exotic fish mostly African cichlids. Spiders and scorpians are very interesting to watch but im not to fond of then lol they kind of creep me out.
I've had a few friend who kept Tarantulas. Two things you should know. First is that they aren't as dangerous as may people believe. Second, somehow they always escape!

The only pets that I had that I could consider even slightly exotic were a ferret and a green puffer.
I had an iguana once, I was the only person who could touch it without getting clawed, bitten, and whipped whith it's tail. My folks make me get rid of it when it became mean towards them, at that point it was about 4.5 feet long.
I see some macaw, and I like one, are very beautiful...
I once had a snake many years ago. It was a python and it lived in our ceiling. The house was in the forest and it was there when we moved into the house so it wasn't really a pet, it just liked a nice warm dry place to sleep and it caught any mice it found up there.
Sometimes we would see it wrapped around a nearby tree basking in the sun. At night we could hear it moving around in the ceiling sometimes. It was not really big, about 2 meters long.

Also I had a monkey a while ago. You can see him here My monkey Joe
I really like animals. When I was young I always want to have at least one at a time. Most of them I caught in nature and most of them escaped from my self-made cages:)

Now I look total differently.
We (my dad) have aquarium with tropical fish. We take care quite good for them. But anyway I just do not support all this industry behind that.
This is one of the biggest industries and growing very quickly. It is true that most of todays fishes are rised in aquarium, but there is still enough work for wild hunters.

Also I have pity for them. I think this is some kind of selfishness to have such an animal at home. "It is mine and only mine", some kind of that. Although it is understandable for children I do not understand older people.
Maybe there is also ignorance and lack of consciousness (education)!
I heart the spiny echidna

I'm not 100% sure if they qualify as exotic or not but I love and have two ferrets... Smile

My daughter also has 2 snakes... a Ball Python and an Albino Corn Snake.

Some day soon I want to get a Purple Macaw... they are kind of rare but so beautiful I can't wait til the time come that I find one to get.
Not sure how exotic you would consider them, but I have two corn snakes and three geckos. I have a pair of African fat tailed geckos and a male crested gecko. They all are great pets and I love em! Snakes make great pets because they don't take much care and are quite friendly (assuming you get the right kinds.) Geckos are also great pets, but take a bit more work than the snakes (as well as trips to the pet store for crickets at least once a week.) Well, if you can get them to eat canned crickets or meal worms, then you don't have to go to the pet store all the time...but mine are picky and will only eat live crickets.
I'm a pretty big animal fan also. I've invested a fair amount of money into some BBC nature film dvds, which are all excellent! I would especially recommend Blue Planet or Life of Mammals
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