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Pitbull Attacks Dog


This pitbull is attacking a dog. Very disturbing.
I've seen something like this before. But it was worse because they pitbulls were made to fight each other in a ring. It was very disturbing to watch.

I don't know why they make pitbulls do that. They are actually a peaceful breed.

It's just so sad to see this. Sad
Snowboarder Doby
I have two opinions on this.

That is just downright disturbing, you can't even control your own dog? HOnestly if that was my dog I would have gotten my choker and would risked getting bit to put it on. Then I would just sithe dog and calm him. Simple Ownership. Rolling Eyes FIrst off, I wouldn't have my dog EVER let loose.

ALso peoplethink just becuase its an American Pitbull Terrier, that their going to bite. YOur wrong, they do have an strong instinct to bite though.
Awww Sad Thats pritty sad to watch.

I dont like how everyone just stand around and watches either, at least there was one guy trying to get between them, but then the other should of at least gave the other dog somewhere to run too, like into a car or somthing. Geez!.

I hate dog fight too, where their just bread to fight, i thin kthats what u call it.

I think the owner must of abused this dog Sad
That's WAY too irritating. Not even the fact the apbt is attacking another dog despite the victim is showing submission (this shows how not very sane some dogs are), but that people stand there and do nothing. If the owners of dogs don't even know how to pull their pets apart, or don't WANT to, then how on earth can they be allowed to keep large agressive breeds? ABBTs need expereinced and strong enough owners to be controlled in behaviour. Pitbulls are a wonderful breed IF they have a good owner. If not - we have those killer dogs from newspapers.

If any dog attacks mine, I'm always there to protect him even if I'm in danger myself. Because I care. Mad
whats wrong with those peopl?!?!?!?!juss standing there and watchng while the pitbull attacks that other dog!!!!! god, at least give it somewhere to escape to!!!!! those people disgust m. and i don't even kno them. aaaarrrrrghhh! i hate people like that!!!!
So pity that dogs Crying or Very sad

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That's truly a sad sight. I don't understand why people take risks with aggressive breeds if they don't have a clue about training them. The crowd standing there watching everything and doing nothing is typical. They just like watching and waiting until it's all over.
Mr Smith
This is NOT fighting! They are play fighting!

Fast forward to 1min 10sec into the video, the male dog humps the female, this proves that the male dog is trying to impress the female... Also, just before the small 'hump' they run beside each other wagging their tails... this means their happy?

Are you happy when your getting your arse kicked? No..

This is no fight, underground clubs are.
I agree with Mr. Smith. It seems like they're just playing around. Perhaps one is playing a bit more aggressively than some of us non-pit bulls would like... but some animals like to play rough. If the one dog was trying to hurt the other one, he would have ripped her throat open when she laid on her back in a submissive position. But he didn't, she got up, and as far as I can tell they both lived happily ever after. One dog walked away looking mighty happy with his tongue hanging out. Not the look of a determined killer.

I've got two cats and they like to play fight all the time. If you don't know them, you'd think that the bigger, older, and fatter cat is always beating up on the little kitten and that someone should stop them. The kitten usually ends up laying on her back, getting squished by the big cat, and perhaps getting nipped here and there. But she never gets seriously hurt and a lot of the time she'll go back and attack the older cat and start it all over again.

Animals like to play rough, and as long as no one gets hurt in the end its ok. However, if those two dogs were fighting seriously, that person with the chair is a complete idiot. Grab the dog and pick him up. He doesn't weigh that much. I've picked up a bulldog and a doberman before (just for fun, there was no fighting going on), and it's a funny sight. It's also not that hard. I bet if you grab that pit bull around the mid-section the fight will stop pretty quick.

- Walkere
Yea, no way those dogs are really fighting. They are just play fighting for sure. When one runs away it's just slowly lopping along, not even trying to really run. Also they are not snarling at each other just an occasional friendly woof. Even playing my dogs put up a much more realistic fight than that.

If my dogs are play fighting and one gets a bit p***ed off you should hear the noise. They sound like a pack of wolves attacking and they are still not really trying to hurt each other, although from the snarling you would never believe it.

Bottom line is this, when my little 10kg mutt snarls and attacks my 43kg Rottweiller for getting to rough with her then if the Rotty was serious the little one would be dead very quickly.

I don't totally agree with SlowWalkere though about picking up the other dog. If it was a real fight you could get badly hurt getting inviolved like that. They might not be heavy but a pitbull can bite d**m hard if it wants to. The only place to even think about grabbing them is each side of the head behind the jaws. It's about the only way they can't bite you, if you can hold on, believe me dogs are much stronger than most people realise.
Maybe better to squirt the hose on them or throw things at them to distract them.
I was checking out that link and came across some of my ex girls and this link here:

That is ridiculous. He cant fight though. Other guy was just intimidated.
I own 2 pit bulls. Own them illegally as this breed is already ban where I live. Thanks to inconsiderate people who is not giving this breed good publicity.

My 2 dogs are angels that even learnt to leave my pet rabbit alone. Of course we must always supervise whenever they are with creatures smaller & more vulnerable than them including children but that is not to say I distrust them. Just common sense. Doesn't seem common (the common sense) to some people Wink

Ban the owners is what I think. Not the dogs......

Yes, I'm pretty sensitive I guess. I'm still upset by watching this. But, I'll tell you how I can be insensitive too. I don't even care if they are playing or not, a pitbull should be on a leash! If it's not, and I have a gun, I'll provoke it first and then shoot it. I love German shep., fyi, so I'm not a dog hater.

Not all pitbulls are bad dogs, but it does seem like a disproportionate amount of them are more likely to be violent. Different breeds are more predisposed to violent behavior, but it all comes down to how the dog is raised.
id beat the crap outa the little shit...damn pitbulls....people dont train their dogs right..our old pitpull wouldnt go after anything unless it pissed him off...i could put my face in his food dish and he wouldnt growl.
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