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Anyone into Aqariums

Nice forum here, I was wondering if anyone was into Fish ?
I Collect Chiclids mostly of the South American variety.
South American eh. I want to see piranha live in aquarium and feed it with goldfishes. And I have an Oscar fish at home, but it just died last friday. Its already old, and cannot swim anymore. Its not been eating for almost 1 month before it died.
I have a chiclids too. People were amazed with my fish because its doing a circus stuff inside the aquarium. My fish carry those small stones with his mouth and throw it in the other side of the aquarium. But an expert saw it and said "You know the stones you used are poisonous to your fish", and i realized the circus stuff my chiclids doing is its instinct to avoid those poisonous stones. No wonder that when i put another kind of fish, it did the same thing. Rolling Eyes
I once had vegitarion piranas but i guess they were that way cause i only fed them veggies. but piranas own. i saw a vid of a guy dropping a mouse in to a tank of them it looked very entertaining.
the reason the fish are moving around the stones is due to their 'nesting' nature.. the stones aren't poisonous, and the fish wouldn't be sticking them in their mouths if they thought they were

I used to have a half dozen aquariums.. mostly cichlids, jack dempseys, silver dollars, with bala sharks for some flash and tetras for color.. occasionally I'd pick up a clown knife fish or something unusual.. even had some freshwater lobsters on occasion, but they tended to eat the other fish at night

my favorite fish were datnoid tigers.. very rare in aquariums (and very expensive for freshwater fish.. they usually cost me about $30 each).. they were used to having me around, but when strangers would come into the room they'd get really scared and go from bright yellow with four black bands to totally black.. they also were very expensive to feed as they would only eat live food
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