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Windows SP3

Tony The Tiger
I just noticed looking at my most recent Belarc Advisor Profile ( ), that I have Windows SP3 on my machine. This must be through the autoupdate feature. Is SP3 the current latest service pack? When I talk to people do I now say I am on XP home SP3?
{name here}
You're not supposed to use service pack 3 unless you have a problem with your windows installation. You should uninstall SP3 right away since unless you're on a corporate network you will not need its fixes.
I don't think that this SP3 might be official. I heard about 2 months back about the release of an unofficial service pack.
Thus, the latest official service pack still remains the SP2.
So, dude, you may consider uninstalling it as already remarked by {name here}.
I thought Microsoft officially SP3 is released
sp 3 is avalible to download on
Studio Madcrow
You really should keep SP3. It backports a lot of the good stuff from Vista, while leaving out the useless crap AND it actually increases performance (unlike Vista which kills it)
Yes, with this SP3, XP is faster than Vista! An Italian SP3 isn't ready yet...
Tony The Tiger
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great. I get a boatload of responses eighteen months later and eleven months after I have purchased a machine that uses Microsoft Windows Vista. Thanks, but this is a little bit after the fact.
is it released?
Tony The Tiger
internetjobs wrote:
is it released?

You should use the quote feature. I can not tell what you are asking or whom you are quesitoning.
the realised version is a Beta-version?!
The final version of SP3 has not been released yet only a Release Candidate has been released!!!
yep i got that SP3 RC and my Intel2200BG wireless didn't work right so if you got that same wireless don't try the RC it's a waste of time
I already submitted report back to Microsoft about it so hopefully in RC2 or final things would work right
Yes it is released and you can download it from microsoft: Here's a link to the overview documentaton. Thisis directly from the microsoft site by doing a google on "XP SP3"

Deploying Windows XP SP3
Windows XP SP3 will be available through Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center. The service pack will also be available to ... Through Windows Update, the download size varies, but it is typically 70 megabytes (MB), depending on the computer’s configuration. Through the Download Center, the download size is approximately 580 MB. Fundamentally, deploying Windows XP SP3 works the same as deploying SP1 and SP2 for Windows XP:
- SP3 is cumulative, so users can install SP3 on top of Windows XP SP1 or SP2.
- Windows XP SP3 supports the same languages as Windows XP did in its initial release.
- You can run the SP3 update package on any SKU of Windows XP SP1 or SP2. For example, you can run the SP3 update package on a computer running the Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP1.
- Tools and guidance for system administrators have not fundamentally changed from Windows XP SP2. For comprehensive information, visit the Deploy Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Service Pack 2 Deployment Information sites on Microsoft TechNet.
- You can deploy SP3 using Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, or third-party solutions. The process has not fundamentally changed.
Windows XP SP3 is for x86 editions of Windows XP only. The x64 editions of Windows XP were serviced by Windows Server 2003 SP2. For additional information, go to Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2.

It's a comfy 580meg download so plan you evening carefully Smile
czc587 wrote:
Yes it is released and you can download it from microsoft: Here's a link to the overview documentaton. Thisis directly from the microsoft site by doing a google on "XP SP3"

No it's not released. The URL you posted only links to a document that tells you what will be in SP3 when it does arrive, which will be soon.

When SP3 is available, it'll show up on Windows Update.
Sorry this is kinda of confusing and I should have been more clear. Perhaps a way to describe this is that the official final version is not released. The RC (Release Candidate - like a beta) version can be downloaded now MS at :

It's still about 336 mb, likely has bugs in it. As Jermey says, when it's offical it'll show up on WU if you have it turned on to auto. I'll be waiting for the offical version which is scheduled for ( according to MS) :

... SP3 for Windows XP Home Edition and Professional is currently planned for 1H CY2008 ...
I also installed sp3 .I got it from my friend. But it has bugs in it. And i think it was beta version. Some of th bugs which occurs ocaasionly are
IE stop responding
Slow logon and shutdown
Annoying Ballon Tips
Crashing of window

Therefore i shifted to service pack to after a week or so. As a whole it was not agood experince for me.
No it is not released yet. Just looked through the microsoft site today for all XP updates and all I can find is SP3 Release Candidate. If the official SP3 is out, there will obviously be lots of hype on the topic and it will appear in the auto updates for updating.
I Don't think sp3 is official release of xp..since the release of sp2 it was said that it is the final release of sp. called sp2 final...
I have a P4 computer... 2-3 years old. At the beginning it was very fine, I was pleased.
Now it seems to work slower and very slow...
Since I don't use "exotic" softwares and I have the same softwares since I've bought it I'm wondering: do service packs have some stuff which need a lot of resources?
P4@1500MHz (Wilamette), 512 SDRAM, new videocard... this is too old for this days?
wtf??? sp3 is released?? muhaha i dont think so... sp2 ist the latest... just a few modifications by windows update... hats is... i dont think that exist an sp3 version for windoof
i have sp3 on my desktop... and haven't had any probs.
I tried out SP3 about 3 weeks ago and it killed my machine. It took about 20 minutes for me to go from the logon screen to the desktop view, and about 10 minutes just to open up explorer to view a folder. On top of that, I made a backup of my most needed items, but didn't even think about my Outlook archive, and I zipped a lot of items into an encrypted RAR archive. I used password safe to make the password and save it, however, the pwd does not work in decrypting the file. I am SOL!!! It really sux, and on top of that, I did not even notice a performance increase at all. I guess I am just one of the unlucky ones....

Tony The Tiger
Recently windows installed a whole bunch of updates. How can I tell if I have the service packs you are referring to?
thanks its to have real SP3 .. atleast now
In my opinion SP3 is just basicly making xp into vista without the fancy interface. It incluedes tones of patches that where suposed to be just for vista and also a bunch of features added to vista. I realy dont see why microsoft is doing this. If they want people to use their new operating system than they should make it better not its predicesor better.
Been waiting for XP3 ever since last year when I heard it would be available for beta testing. I hear its a lil faster and of course less security holes. Hopefully the final version gets released for summer.
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