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NCAA football 2007

Has any one bought this game yet? I am thinking of getting it. What do you think about it. I have not had a chance to sample it yet. I heard that you can run the 40 for pro scouts..
I dont have it yet but I was thinking about it. If you get it tell me how good it is so i can get it. Or how bad it is so i can get it.
The game is awesome. I have it for xbox and love it. It is basically the same as 2006, but with some very important updates.

1) you can finally practice with your dynasty team!!! I have wanted to be able to do this for forever. You also get a sprint game where you can practice with your returning players and gauge how good they will be, and even mark one offensive and one defensive player an impact player.
2) you can pick from about 5 defensive playbooks to finally be able to customize that area (althought i still want to be able to have a completly custom playbook
3)you can audible the offensive line to protect to a certain side
4)the defensive ablilty to jump the snap, while it can be frustrating if the opposing offence draws you offsides, really makes defence and esp being a d-lineman cool and fun.
5)the new camera angles for punt block, kick return, and interception return are really realistic and nice. YOU can finally occasionally block a punt and it is exciting to run back a kickoff all the way, never quite sure if you will make it (as you can't see behind or much to the side
6)there is a new momentum meter with can really affect your players ability
7)less gray area for good players. before a player who was 80 overall was pretty good and not much different than a 90+ player. now and esp on defense i can notice quite a difference between say even a 74 and an 80 player.

So these updates, esp 1!! make this a great great version on that IS an improvement on 2006. (altough I am still getting comfortable and adjusted to it)
I have it for the PS3 and I love it. I rarely get to play it, but it's a vast improvement from last year's. The only thing I really dislike about it is the new design of the play calling screen. It seems to much like the old Madden in that aspect. Some of my friends like it better now that they have gotten used to it, but I still prefer the older UI. The most impressive aspect of the game is the hundreds of animations they added. I gotta tip my hat off to EA on this one. They did a great job with NCAA this year.
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