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Internet Radio Station

WDVN is a station I currently have running. As of right now (until I can build me a second box to work as a full time server), the schedule for it isn't very regular. It usually plays a mix of techno and hard rock with some goth-rock occasionally. The only scheduled and regularly aired program thus far is on Sunday Nights at 8pm Central Time. This show is Broadway Musicals to appease my fellow theatre geek friends. I plan on scheduling a regular blues night as well. Anyway, you can hear the radio station at:

WDVN-Radio Divine

Try to use Winamp or I-Tunes. Windows Media Player works, but some have had difficulties getting it going and as soon as they got winamp, it worked fine.

If you still have problems, shoot me a post here in this thread along with the error you're getting and I will do what I can to help you out.

Instructions on the Radio Station

•Go to WDVN-Radio Divine
•Click on LISTEN
•Select OPEN (if an option) or SAVE (if open isn't an option)

Once OPEN is selected, it should begin playing momentarily.

If you had to select SAVE, either there is no player that will run the radio station or go to the saved file and double-click (should be a PLS file).

If you double-click on the file and it still doesn't play, then you need to get WinAmp™. It's free and has a lot of neat features to it. I wouldn't download any extra plug-ins for it unless you know what you're doing though because a lot of WinAmp's plugins and add-ons are buggier than a downtown apartment. Get the FULL version of WinAmp™ when you go to download it. You'll be happier in the long run.

IF, when you log onto the radio station, you get a 404 error... either I don't have the station up and running or your browser is blocking the page (could be a port issue as well). I try to keep it up most of the time unless I am working on my own music (goes back to "until I can get a dedicated server").
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