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He liked me, which makes me happy, but is it too late?

I really liked this guy, and I sort of gave up on him, because I thought he was out of my league. One time some girl said she like him to a friend, who went to me and asked if I wanted her to ****** off....since I figured I had no chance I sad let her have him. Now she is his girlfriend, and I told him "I used to have a huge crush one you." Then he swore "Likewise." Ever since I can't stop thinking about him, which I haven't done in like a year. Things, ideas are coming to mind that shouldn't be. What should I do? Ask him to break up with her? Ask if he still likes me? Just wait until she's gone....or give up yet again? Deny that I really like this guy?

I feel like a doofus.
You don't have to feel like a doofus, but I think the key word for him and your choice of words at the time was I "Used" to have a crush on you. If you would have used the present tense, I "have" a crush on you, then he would have had a decision to make. At this point, you can fess up or continue watching from the sidelines.

Plus, it's probably better if he leaves her on his own. Then maybe you'll seem all the better. If you steal him away, then he may still have doubts. it's best to make sure he's completely over her.

That's my thoughts.
Hmm it's true I used the words 'used to', but I didn't want to directly say I still liked him. (I'm a wimp) After finding that out he said things like wow, and that's what highschool does to you.
feel good that he felt the same way.. and keep that in mind for the next time you see someone and think he might be out of your league.. but I wouldn't suggest going that same guy now.. if he looks you up, good for you.. but going after him while he has a girlfriend might shift his opinion of you into 'stalker' category.. if you run into him someplace, definitely suggest going out for coffee or whatever you both might enjoy.. but something very casual.. just keep some interaction going that way, but don't go out of your way for him

I'll let you in on a little secret.. us guys find a good flirty attitude to be VERY attractive.. if you have that going for you, just about any guy is in your league
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