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cell phone games

Hey I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on an addictive game for cell phones. I'm getting pretty tired of Midnight Poker and I just wanted to see if there was anything else out there that people are really feeling. I need something new to play on the subway.
Ive got LMA 2006 on mine and a load other including FIFA 05 and 06

I get bored of them easily
Mission Impossible 3 is pretty can unlock things and the levels are pretty fun
Ah, there was this nice game, forgot the name though.

Do a search on "first GPS game" or something to that effect. it was 2 detective games that require you to walk around to be able to get around in the game itself o.o it's pretty nice, but still somewhat glitchy in my opinion.

There was also this RPG game i got for my s60 phone, too bad it didn't work (the screen went funny after loading) so I never got to try it =/
If you can get you hand on:

Lord of the Rings RPG: Think Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactic Ogre, well, any RPG tactic game.

Bejewled: Gotta Love puzzle games

Tetris: Who doesn't like tetris?

Splinter Cell: Fun game and easy to use buttons. Downside, its too short. About 30mins of playing time?
Recently i downloaded The Sims 2 mobile, Dinner Dish and Zoo Tycoon into my mobile phone. Quite fun playing them when I was bored. THey are all java games.
All cell phone games are very popular. But it is easy loose their times in his life Embarassed
I love playing the Crazy Golf game I put on my phone, it's got some really cool courses on it. Also there's a little platform game I have (can't remember what it's called though) that's also a nice time-passer. I actually forget that I have games on my phone most of the time - but it's a lifesaver when my MP3 player battery runs out on the train.
Prince Of Persia at my old SL45i, like the original Smile Really good, unless its b&w.
Yeah, I have some Cell Phone Games.
I would like to know if you guys know any wap sites where you can download them free. Rolling Eyes
My favourite from my cellphone(I mean, which was in the phone already) is Club Pinball.
I don't really have many mobile phone games because I can't really find any good free ones, but I'm sure I'll find some sometime. The megadrive emulator for my phone is great though, its almost perfect.
sonnyboy wrote:
Hey I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on an addictive game for cell phones. I'm getting pretty tired of Midnight Poker and I just wanted to see if there was anything else out there that people are really feeling. I need something new to play on the subway.

I have monopoly as a standard game on my cellphone. Not really what you call 'addictive', but it's actually pretty fun. And if you're with a friend in the subway, you can play against each other. That's pretty fun too, I travel in the bus a lot, and with monopoly I always forget how long the journey actually is Smile
Mostly i played gameboy color games on cell using emulator.
I've got a nokia 3650, and expected to find more *good* games for it than I have. There's a ton of crappy ones, but it's hard to find anything I actually want to keep on there for more than a few days. Legacy (traditional PC-style RPG!) is amazing when I can get it to run, though usually I have to do a hard power cycle to free up enough memory. Several N-Gage games run on my phone, but most of them aren't that great either. Oddly enough, one staple that's been on my phone almost since I got it, and is great for passing ~10 minutes at a time, is Yatzhee (sp?). There's no need for an AI, since you play against your own high score, nor is there need for complicated graphics/effects. Simple things like that and Snake really seem to be the best for mobile gaming.

Of course, I wouldn't *complain* if the SNES emulator (vSun) I got actually worked on my phone and I could play Final Fantasy on my mobile, but I try to keep my expectations realistic Wink
Well if your a Cartoon Network fan(Adult Swim)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a nice game to DL and play there is 16 lvls and its quite addicting to beat the damn thing.

I also enjoyed BewJeweled.

The Simpsons one is nice and so is the Famliy guy one.. But make sure your phone can support them before attempting to purchase and DL because some phones arent up to date enuff to play some newer games!!!!
Ive got nokia 1100 and i prefer snake...
Yeah, I have some Cell Phone Games.
I like to play cell phone games such as puzzle, snake etc..
I play

Temple Run

Traffic Racer

Subway Surfers

on my iOS based cellphone. All kind of time consuming when bored Laughing
Try Clash of Clans, you won't be able to put down your phone once you played it. Smile
I like heli game its very cool
This post was from 06" lol.

Some of the best Android game right now is Hitman GO (it's on sale this weekend), Badland, Plague Inc, and Tiny Dice Dungeon even though l suck at it.
I rarely use cell phone to play games, are generally play games on my game console (JXD S7800B).
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