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No more E3?


Apparently they're getting rid of E3. Even though all the main announcements seem to be at TGS now, it's still going to suck. E3 is like christmas (without the presents) for us game fans :S
I wouldn't rely on that info it could be a romour or something E3 is HUGE i can't just see closing it down
To be honest, the only reason E3 is still big is because it's a chance for American journalists to play games in advance. All the big announcements tend to be at TGS or in the days leading up to E3 now.
Hmm, putting more focus on the TGS actually seems like a better idea, because there are plenty of other big announcements at the TGS, and cutting out E3 will make the TGS even bigger. It'll also give me and the boys at HDE a reason to go to Tokyo.
They aren't actually getting rid of E3, they are however talking about radically downsizing the event, moving it to a smaller location, etc...

I'm really choked about the whole deal, I was hoping to make it to E3 sometime in the future, but if they downsize it like this it won't even be worth it, the event will be gone. Sad
It's official now. They downsized the even, no thanks to Sony, EA, and Microsoft. They said it's going to be more focused on press conferences and small meetings, but the show floor is basically no more, which was probably the best part about the show.

Not sure if I want to go to E3 when I get old enough now. Oh well, at least Nintendo got to show off the Wii before the downsizing. You can check out the announcement below.


By the way, how much you want to bet Sony, EA, and Microsoft pushed the downsize simply because Nintendo was getting all of the press attention? Razz
Hold on a second, check this article out:

E3 is still here, it's just gonna be smaller, and it's going to be called the "Electronic Entertainment Exposition Expo."
I read about this on digg, it's not going to be closed but will be really small. Sad
Damn, that really sucks...I wonder why? I thought its popularity has only been growing in recent I've always wanted to go but oh well. ;/
Rumors are Sony, Microsoft, and EA (perhaps among others) were not pleased that people ignored their expensive booths and such in favor of checking out the Nintendo Wii's booth. Keep in mind that those in question of "E3-killing" spend large amounts of money on their video game products already and rarely turn out any profit so adding E3 really doesn't help their push for staying away from the red. Out of the game console companies, only Nintendo earn profits most of the time so keeping with E3 isn't quite as threatening to them.
m00tmuffin wrote:
Damn, that really sucks...I wonder why? I thought its popularity has only been growing in recent I've always wanted to go but oh well. ;/
If the rumours are true then well its comes to no surprise. I think its a bit of hypocrisy to me.

Since these companies are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for an exhibition where practically the whole video game world is watching, listening and reporting then only to not get the results these companies want, they can only blame their bad advertising and PR department.

If you are getting ignored at a big expo such as E3, there is something wrong with what they have for show. I mean if Sony wanted to flock to their booth, go big and all out with what you have, you can only be satisified with what you can do instead of whine and all.

That's just my 2 cents.
if EA doesn't go it'll be that much easier to ignore them... "A new sports game huh? what's that? Prerendered cutscene? New sweat physics? I like seeing sweaty guys when I'm playing video games, it's why I bring my PSP to the gym all the time."

"So how's that new racing game coming along? So you can customize your own tracks? only the 25 Rap and Generic Techno and Rock songs already included huh? Well how about making your own paintjob? Oh, your confident that layering 40 different vinyls on 3 different layers will be enough? none of them even follow the same flow? Well at least it has online matchmaking right? no? still have to join other players games?"

Yeah... what's what EA is like at E3... I'm glad it's going away too, so none of you can EVER go.
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