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Records to CD's

My dad and i have been trying to figure out a way to make CD's from our old Records. I think that there are shops that do that, but they are rather expensive. We want to find out how to do this ourselves, but don't know how. Can anyone tell me anything?
You would need some sort of converting device, Which I doubt would be expensive. I know to convert Audio Tapes into CD requires this converter that cost $11-20 dollars.

So just go to your local Music Specialist Store, Not HMV. They can't help, Trust me.

Music Specialist Stores specialize in Musicians Need and Converting stuff is one of them.
There are converters that do exactly that, I've seen some at that electronics store... by God I can't remember the name, but they sell the most pointless gadgets to mankind. Also, the next time you fly, or know somebody that does - grab a SkyMall magazine, I saw one in there just last week.
There should be either phono or jack outputs from your vinyl player.

Get the lead: phono/jack > mini-jack

Bring the turntable down to somewhere near your PC where the lead can reach the computer. Next download the software Audacity ( Once you've plugged in your lead from the turntable to your microphone input (on most PC's at the back) make sure the recording source is MICROPHONE after opening Audacity (you can change this within the program or in control panels). Play the loudest part of the song while recording and if it exceeds the height of the bar and sounds distorted you need to turn down the microphone level (more commonly known as peaking).

I don't have a lot of the problems because I have a mixer inputting the two turntables. I can EQ, volume control on the mixer and also there are jack outputs already.

If you want to spent a bit more cash I think it would be worth your while investing in a USB turntable. I'm guessing software comes with them so you litereally just RIP and SAVE.

Obviously after your individual tracks are recorded and saved (if you specifically want to save as MP3 instead of WAV you will need the LAME mp3 encoder located at you need to burn them to CD, using your current software (I'm presuming you have one) or just add them to the burn list in Windows Media Player.

I do this kind of convertion all the time.

Hope that helps.
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