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xbox 360, ps3 or revolution?

Wich one of em most impressed u?
XBOX 360
 22%  [ 9 ]
Playstation 3
 55%  [ 22 ]
 22%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 40

choose ur option and why u did choose it?
Well as its looking the Revolution since we already know a lot of games its getting and plus Nintendo always makes good games.And we already know one Rev game and thats one of its launch titles Suber Smash Bros. Online,and the Rev's internet service is free!And on top of that a Nintendo concole has never been more than 200 dollars and this is supposed to be cheap too!
The Xbox is just full of FPS's,which most aren't that good,and a lot of their games aren't exclsive to the Xbox and if they are they usally suck for some reason(although its getting Oblivion which i so souly desire but don't have a good enought comp to play).Plus no free internet as the rev.
The PS3 hasn't shown many games but the playstation always has strong titles and tons of RPG's.In fact it has tons of almost any genere and has strong games in each.But the high price tag is turning me away from it.
In my mind at the moment its Rev>PS3>Xbox 360
I'll buy the XBOX 360..
And maybe after the PS 3, but I wouldn't buy the Nintendo Revolution because I don't like Nintendo... I think the games are kind of childlike and OFTEN very easy...
There games aren't child like Rolling Eyes ,i find them extremly fun...
for me only ps3 Laughing
im going to wait till i see REAL info on the games not just movies and hype.

TBH Xbox 360 is kinda Confused because i have an xbox and over the 2 years i have it ive bought like 5 games other than the ones i got when i bought it. The online service is great for fun but there is definately limited variety when it comes to games (FPS,Racing Game,another FPS, another racing game :S)
Im also not sure how well its going to work with the xbox trying to basicly go everything (games music etc.)

but ill be interested to see what price it is when it comes out as the opertunity to mod it (like with current xbox's running linux etc.) might be worth it.

PS3: looking like a real possibility as sony seem to have (with PS1 and PS2) a nice variety of games, you can still get FPS games and Racing games but then you get loads of realy good RPGs, stratagy games and such. They are also more inivative than MS with things like the eye toy and stuff. Will be interesting what new ideas sony come up with for the PS3
(kinda trust sony to have decent stuff...)

Revolution: tbh ive not seen as much about it but Nintendo games are always fun and they have many unique titles such as Pikmin, Smash Brothers etc... its fun and will be good to see what they come up with for the new hardware.
I totally agree with Deji...
The gameconsole that impress me the most is the playstation 3. Not only the very good performance as they say, but also the great design of this device.

The second thing i love about it is because it has a blu-ray disc drive. Since im addicted to HDTV i wanna store my HD movies on a blu-ray disc and play it in High Definition on my ps3 Very Happy
Deji wrote:
im going to wait till i see REAL info on the games not just movies and hype.

Yeah, that's true.

Right now I want the REvolution but I will probably get an xbox360 later. I want more info before I choose though.
I think the PS3 is going to blow any system out of the freaking water... that thing is gonna be sweet.. but I'll buy the xbox 360 just to keep me ocupied until the PS3 comes out... Those graphics of the PS3 are just crazy... look them up on
360 definately because even though the PS3 is OBVIOUSLY the most powerful next-gen system, the 360 has better controlers rather than those damn boomerang ones.
I go with whatever system has the rpgs. I really don't like how Sony is approaching this. Dual HD? Sure that's neat, but how many people have two HD televisions side by side? It's cool that the ps3 has all this nice stuff, but it makes the system cost more. Kutaragi said it wasn't a "gaming machine" but an "entertainment machine" and I think that's a big problem. Of course, the games are what matter, I just don't want to pay so much for stuff I won't use. If the PS3 has the rpgs, then so be it, I'm gonna spend hecka money.
for me an Xbox 360. maybe a PS3 or a Rev. later on. i love my xbox now and i like the way MS is going with the xbox 360 (All games 720p or better, all games with xbox live aware, and backwards compatability) Xbox Live seemed expensive, but it wasnt too bad. i got 2 months free and i was addicted to it. there are only FPS and racing games, but i like thoughs. for me its not about the PS3 having a more powerful system, but its about me having an xbox before hand. also, it would be nice to beable to mod it and get a nice linux pc out if it.
I don't know much about these consoles but i think ps3 is the best one coming out right now Confused i saw some graphics of this console, and i thought is wast the cinematics,but it was all IN GAME! the nintendo revolution lives on its own laim planet, i dont think there is gonna be any great stuff on this console, only for the ppl who want backwards compatibility, i think this will be great. the xbox 360 i think is out right now, right? well by the looks of it its the same as the old xbox only it has more space and loading speed. but you have my vote on PS3, gotta check it when its out.bye Wink
PS3! I have a PS2 and an Xbox, and from my answer I hope you can guess which I play (a lot) more. I only ever play Xbox for multiplayer occasionally, other than that it's almost all PS2. If the situation with games is similar to this generation (Sony gets almost all the games I like) it isn't even a decision. I may also get a revolution, if they aren't too expensive since the PS3 is going to burn a hole in my wallet. I don't know about getting a Xbox 360 though (also I think that name is horrible, but that didn't really affect my thinking).
the Rev has a lot more than just its backward compatiablilty but thats awesome in my opinion.It's gonna have the internet for free and all its fantastic nintendo games.I can not wait to play online Super Smash Bros...or Mario Kart,or even Animal Crossing!
I dont know so much english, if somebody dont understand my posts pardon me... Well, for me, the best of the 3 consoles is the Play Station 3, because the 99% of the games of Nintendo are really really easy because are game for kids; and Microsoft, speaking of the XBox 360, dont launch so much Rpg games, and how my nickname says, i am a RpgManiac and i need a lot of Rpg`s... I NEED THEM!!!... and Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game, and Sony is giong to launch a new version of Final Fantasy VII!!! and that game is part of my destiny!!! For that and other rasons... i prefer, for a long, the PS3... n_n
Rolling Eyes Nintendo doesn't make games for kids!they make games for kids as much as microsoft or sony...
I'm a diehard PS fan.
Plus with the PS3 i will now be able to play all play station games from PS1-PS3.
not to mention all the new features and upgrades are impressive.
who wouldnt want 1?
Now hold on a second...I can understand not liking Nintendo games, but the "Nintendo is for kids" arguement is so done it's not even funny. Notice that the games are rated "E" as in...for EVERYONE. Not "TGIFKSDPI" for THIS GAME IS FOR KIDS SO DON'T PLAY IT. Fact of the matter is, Nintendo makes the fun games. They don't have to have senseless bloodshed and gore just to sell copies of video games. (Most of these games I'm reffering to are rated M...but should be rated I...for IMmature.) I mean, what do you expect them to do? Have mario ditch the mushrooms and jumping on goombas heads and start doing drugs and killing hookers? I mean, jesus christ, what do you want?

You can say that Nintendo games are not fun, or that you don't like them, but they are not for kids, and from now on that sort of arguement will be ignored..

And I mean...remember this game?
Sure it's not actually developed by Nintendo, but it's published by them...and by god if it isn't the most genuinely rated M games I've ever played.

Oh and what's THIS?!
A rated T Nintendo game. HUH. Wait, what? I thought Nintendo was for kids! This can't be right!

And that isn't to say that their E games aren't fun...because they are. Nintendo makes games that are meant so that anyone can play them. I suppose that means kids, too, seeing as they fall under the EVERYONE category.

Anyway...I bet you all can guess what system I want, now.
i think playstation will continue to have the edge as it has Very Happy
microsoft keep your fingers out of game consoles if you are not to suffer like sega.
well hello toyz i was sure you'd get pissed and start posting here sooner or later.
anways i hope the PS3 gets it's controller changed.Or at least i hope its as good as the PSX-2's
Well yeah, I mean, it's ridiculous. I'm all for speaking your mind, if you think a game sucks say it sucks. That's what I do. But like I said: the "nintendo is kiddy" arguement isn't even worth listening to anymore.
PS3, i've got now a PS 2 and befor the ps2 had i the PS1, They are good stuff. Good qualitity, great sound and uber games. I think ill go for the PS3
So... On last E3 Sony had shown absolutely amazing... renders... which weren't rendered on PS3 but some upgraded Apples
Microsoft wasn't better, and only Nintendo kept clean account showing nothing more but only the console box...
Maybe Revolution... maybe PS3... but absolutely not Xbox360...

edit: sorry for mistakes but I'm Polish Wink
Playstation 3 ..............i am going to buyyy Playstation 3.......... Laughing
Definitely PS3. to me, the XBOX has been a very big disappointment not having very many games and all. I don't really care for the Halo series. i'm not into all that Sci-Fi "spacey" themed nonsense. I like normal games based off of what's possible in real life.
IF i buy any of these, its gonna be the rev for sure. the xbox360 doesnt really have any games of interest, and neither does the ps3.

but i want to know more about the rev first, and if theres nothing new about it, i wont buy it. then ill go retro, and maybe ill buy it in a few years when its a lot cheaper =).
xbox isn't merely a gaming platform; it's a media center. It's an intergral part of my video server.

PS2 is useless outside of gaming. I expect the same to be true about PS3
So...isn't a video game console being useless for anything but gaming be a good game console?
Cause i know the Xbox sucks since it didn't just focus on games.
Such as the PSP...
the psp and xbox dont suck if you mod them. sure people go buy gaming consoles to play games, but if you mod it right you can play old NES and SNES games. you can get bounus features like on xbox, you can have linux.
U can get Linux on the PS2 but what exactly is the point in get emulators for the Xbox and PSP?its almost exactly like playing them on a computer except with a controller(which can still be done on a computer)All these added things are just useless waste of money or time.Plus beining able to do things you can do on other things shouldn't be a selling point.
thanks!!!Playstation 3 .I'm a diehard PS fan.
when i saw the results of the poll i was glad to see the ps3 at the top (especially with twice as many votes as the xbox 360). coz the ps3 iz l337 the 360 is ok and the revolution sucks.

+ i have a psp and its amazing and the ps3 seems to be even better!! Very Happy
Revolution will be my first next gen buy.


No, but seriously, it looks really astonishing and it will surely be the cheapest of the 3 consoles.
I have tried all of them,playstation3 is the best i think.
i feel like microsoft is just out to make some more money with their console. they have such strong marketing that it's not even funny. "we are trying to change the playing field of gaming by putting the user in control. you can watch movies, surf in the internet, import music, make playlists and even plug in usb devices..." no shit douche bag, i can do that on my AMD 2600 with 1280*960 resolution and no ****** joystick to deal with. i want to play console games.

personally, i don't think anyone can put any shit down on nintendo. they have revolutionized the gaming industry in so many ways. they aren't out to impress with cinematics, that's for the movie industry. they simply want to keep the players engaged and immersed in playability. their games just seem to flow.

playstation has revolutioned just as much and in the same direction, but sort of in a slightly different way along side nintendo. the titles are just too frequently good to have any problems with their system, and the ps/ps2 controller, IMO, is solid as a rock. best controller ever made in my opinion, and it's very intuitive.

haha, sega was a cool idea while it was around, had some funky games. gamegear was the effing shizzle.

microsoft has poked it's relentless little head into the game and are trying to get their slice of the cake. they should distract themselves less with the xbox and focus more on creating a bugless OS that would dominate if solid enough.
i think i would be leaning towards ps3. heres my reasons: xbox 360 is stuck with dvd and this is a real constraint for game developers, ps3 has better specsa and blu ray, so it has the edge. nintendo never really has done very well outside of japan so im ruling them out now just because history says so. I think in a years time we will see the ps3 beating the xbox 360, but not by too much, just enough for sony to be comfortable.
abone wrote:
I have tried all of them,playstation3 is the best i think.

So, you say that you have tried the Nintendo Revolution and the PS3.
Let me laugh.

PS3: Most powerful by quite a long way. Will be hugely popular due to the PS2 and PS1.

Xbox 360: Sorta in the middle this time round. The original Xbox was never really that popular as GameCube and PS2's sale both outstriped it hugely.

Revolution: Very innovative with the controller idea, but the least powerful. My personal favourite so far.
nintendo never really has done very well outside of japan so im ruling them out now just because history says so.

Yes, lets just forget about how they rule the market so

Blu Ray doesn't at all help Sony in my book, just more money. Newer system means less reliability, and Sony's game systems are nowhere near reliable. Plus the one play with the PS3 is just not worth it. The PS3 will probably crash and burn.
OK, this may be overly harsh, but anyone who chose is seriously retarded. The 360 is the ONLY system that's out right now. Hell there aren't even playable demo systems of the other two yet. How on earth can ANY of you make an informed choice on what to buy??

I mean if you want to be rabid fanboys who will support a given company no matter how much BS "specs" they feed you, that's cool with me. But don't expect me not to call you on it.
The Nintendo Revolution Controller Seems Cool When playing Sword Games... I wonder how many other kind of games can you play with a controller like that. I always like PlayStation...
So the XBox360 is supposed to be some mamoth of processing and media center-age and supposidly can have server capabilities (not for sure, just something I heard). Well, they made something like that already...its called a computer. Someone said earlier that the PS2 is useless outside of gaming (even though by default its a DVD player too) and he/she expects the same out of the PS3. Well...what else are you buying a GAMING CONSOLE for?

Okay, enough of that, why I chose the PS3 would defidently be because of its specs. The PS3 out-specs the 360 in about 75%+ of its hardware. Plus, the Cell processer is gonna beat anything Microsoft can throw at it. Plus, I've always liked Sony...sure they pull some BS every now and then, but Microsoft sells full copies of Windows for around $200. I can download Fedora Core 4 for FREEEEE. If thats not BS, I don't know what it is.

PS3 all the way!
i say playstation three because its the best in my view...i mean its got all the best stuff in made a bad entrance by rushing the xbox 360 which started burning games and breaking down or crashing...then the nintendo revolution is just small and wierd and ya its not good so i think playstation three is way better then all the other 2 consoles up there....because its almost like a crazy computer console lol
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