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What would u do if somehow u need to format your HD but..

What would u do if somehow u need to format your HD but.. the HD still contain a data that u very2x need, and u don;t have a others HD for backing up...

any clue ?
store online

make partition using ghost or arconis (but it might hang halfway)

borrow hardisk from friends

bring pc to friend's house and copy data on their pc temporarily

bring to computer shop and let them do the backup anf format

see... the solution is endless...
Ok like badai has said, you have a number of options... I assume you dont have a CD Writer because if you did, you could buy a couple of blank CD's and copy all the data to it... Your option is to find a friend who has a CD Writer or a DVD writer and copy all the data to the CD/DVD. A friend with a DVD writer is more preferable in this situation.... The other option would be to create a new partition on your hard disk by deallocating some of the space and reallocating it in a new partition... Then transfer all the data to that partition and format the rest of the partitions...
When I format, I will always burn everything to a DVD prior and then get them off of it after.
You can't format without losing all the data, so you'll have to find a way to back up. Do you have enough space on your drive that you could shrink the existing partition enough to create another to back up your files?
If you just want to change it to another FILE SYSTEM just convert, you needn't to format.(only fit for fat16-fat32 fat-ntfs ext2-ext3)

If you want to format the whole disk, you have to backup your data.(You can only format some of your partitons, then backup your data there and format the left partitions)
It depends on how old your system is, and how much data you need to save. A quick solution is a 1GB usb flash stick, costing about 50 bucks, plug it in and drag your files and folders across.

If you have more than 900mb of data, such as you may have large numbers of mp3s, then consider getting a usb external hard disk, and use that to store (backup your data).

I have used an external hard disk since last year with no problems.
Dear friend

I feel it is good to take your important data in cd or pen drive.As you know data on harddisk is not reliable.Atleast you can barrow a pendrive from friend.
If your computer is connected to a network. You can copy your important files to another computer that is also connected to the network. After you done this, you can format your harddrive. And also you can use a UDP cross cable to connect 2 computers directly to transfer data.

Just a small advise, if your hard drive is large enough for 2 partitions then how about formating your drive into 2 partitions and use the first partition as the system partition and the other for data partition. So the next time you want to format your harddrive, just copy your important data to your second partition and just format the first partition right away. To make things more easier, after formating your 1st drive always store your data files on the second partition.
costs are coming down. buy a second harddrive. internal or external they are cheep and only getting cheeper
Why are you formatting?
Is the OS gone?
If so you might have to put the disk into another machine as a second drive and then copy your info to CD or whatever.
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