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Effect of CMS on Google PageRank

Though i have have developed website in the past i have an idea of designing static HTML pages,
I plan to develop a website in which i intend to use a Content Management System,i'm concerned whether the CMS can effect my PageRank
Which CMS to use which is search engine friendly & at the same time easy to use as i have never before tried a CMS?
Help me out!!!!
Sorry if this is a double post i got a suggestion from other forum to post here
Well as you want a easy and search engine friendly cms I would suggest you to go with drupal......

others such as joomla and mambo are search engine friendly but they aren't that user friendly.....
For my part, I admit that I do find Joomla very user-friendly... But well, I don't know drupal so I can't compare.
all most all people who use CMS use joomla but i tried installing it but found it difficult to manage my content. i plan to give anothe try
wordpress is very user-friendly and Search engine friendly. I use it for my site.

or even better if you are good with PHP try making your own.
I used phpnuke -php. The host didn't have mod_rewrite, so i couldn't use html friendly link. I have also used a theme that canceled my footer, using it's own (/themes/name_of_theme/footer.php)-this means no pr image display so PR=0. The best way was to sign it up in nukeseo, nukesites and so on.
Joomla and Mambo are mostly hard to manage if you have many types of data.
e107 is good, but the funny thing is that "e107 recommends Firefox". I asked my friends to see my e107 site and only the Firefox users couldn't.

Most modern CMS are serach engine frindly as they automatically generate RSS feeds and other meta files.

For my part I use a french CMS (available in many many languages) called Spip. I's free.

Here are exemples of Spip-driven websites :

And I will add that by definition, a CMS is search engine friendly because you add and update contents often and/or on a regular basis, which is what search agents are looking for (if you aim at a good pagerank).
i'm using wordpress
but i dont think its the search engine friendly among other cms
proto wrote:
i'm using wordpress
but i dont think its the search engine friendly among other cms

walla!!!!!!!!!! I think it is one of the most search engine friendly publishing program available on the planet.
I am using wordpress as my CMS and it is one of the most trusted and most SEO friendly ( which also depends on the theme , you have selected ) Blog CMS's available , on the planet .

This can be used as a blog along with , a Main site CMS .

visit this link , for more information .
and if u want the hell of a flexibility , then
Write down your Own CMS , or maybe start from scratch or use the php available ones .
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