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What kind of dog is your dog?

My dog is a 5 month old Saint Bernard.

His defections are ******-eyes and has two thumbs on his back legs, but he is ******-eyed very little. Kind of funny to me, he is still playful, yet, destructive to obsticles outside.
Which one? I have three?

The oldest and best behaved is a Siberian Husky. She is "red" in color.

The only male of the trio is a basset hound. He lives to eat.

The youngest and easiest to scare is a border collie mix.

All three were rescued (at different times).
hmmm.. my 1st one is a mut. a german sheaperd/begal/golden retriever Laughing a whole bundel of dogs in one. About 2 feet tall.

2nd a small red pomeranion with fur missing on his a$$ and back, and then his fur is mangled. BATHS DON'T WORK! Not even with pantene pro-v shampoo and conditioner.
My dog is a border Collie.

Comes from a family of working sheep dogs and acts just like one.

Problem is I don't have any sheep!
Takes a lot of work to keep her busy, walking her for miles etc.
I've got 2 dogs. Both were bought at an animal pound and both are mixed races. We're not really quite sure which though :p Oh, and both are 12 years old now.

First is a mix of a Belgian Shepherd (Groenendaeler) and something a little rougher. She's not very smart and seems to be unbothered by pain, since she has a tendency to bump into things or to fall down or slip or whatever cause she's so wild, but she barely ever hurts herself.

Second is a mix of a Basengi, possibly a whippet and something else. She's very nervous, doesn't like fetch games (unlike my other dog), but is generally a lot softer and gentler.
I have a 6 yr old Boston Terrier - Chihuahua mix that I got from the Humane Society when she was 7 months old. She's the smartest and best behaved dog I've ever owned.
My dog is soon to be 10 years old, He's a labrador Springer cross. He's stil very active and not really showing his old age! Very Happy

I own 2 Pitbull Terriers 1 male he is a Rednose Mason Hog red body with a white chest and paws, 1 female she is a Jeep Nigerino Brindle Blonde and dark browns and a buckskin color aswell as black they are very good dogs very playful.
My dog has not race it's a ordinary dog...
I hate my dog, i will never have a dog...
i wish i had a baenji, probably the sollest dogs ever.. they are the only barkless dogs
I have 2 lovely dogs.
The lady is 13 years, she is a mother.
The other one is a gentleman, he is the son. Laughing
o.o I have a 2 and half year old pomeranian. He's the sly-est and most stubborn dog you'd ever meet >.> *shudders*

My mom is thinking of getting a golden retriever but I want to get a papillion >< yeah i like my dogs small and cute. Well, not too small (my pom is abnormally large, 10lbs or so @_@) just small enough to lug around with me if I wanna =/ besides I like elegant things, and papillions and poms are the closest to elegant dogs get ><
I have a 13 year old yellow lab/cocker spaniel mix. She's still as cute as she was when she was younger, but these days she's been slowing down some. Though as long as she has her arthritis medice, she's still ready and willing to play around.
I used to have a dog called Smokey, and he was a cocker spaniel, but if I wanted a new dog I would want a dachshund.
hsadmin wrote:

2nd a small red pomeranion with fur missing on his a$$ and back, and then his fur is mangled. BATHS DON'T WORK! Not even with pantene pro-v shampoo and conditioner.

The only human shampoo you should use on a dog is johnsons baby shampoo. If the fur is matted you should get it shaved out.

My dog is a Pommeranian as well. She's 8 years old and sandy coloured. I like to keep her clipped as her coat is easier to care for. I had her when she was 5 years old, and she was so matted I had to shave a lot of her fur off. I made her a promise that she would never have matted fur again. Pommeranians need to be brushed every day. I enjoy doing this, and giving her a massage.
three dogs. You can visit the websites of them in
i have 1 dog Smile

her name is squish!


she's a bullmastive, she's sooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!

Very Happy

~nIkKi Razz

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BBurton22 wrote:
i wish i had a baenji, probably the sollest dogs ever.. they are the only barkless dogs

I think that is Basenji, right?

I had one when I was young. They are great dogs. Not only do they not bark but they do not have a "doggy" smell, they never smell bad.

Instead of barking they make a sort of yodeling sound but not really often.

Now I have a rottweiller, a small white mutt and a smaller white and brown mutt.
two girls and a boy, they boy is only three months old so he will be having his b***s cut off later, poor little guy. But I don't want lots of puppies so there is no choice.

Charlie, Snoopy and Kara
damn I had a German Shepherd Dog named Kara long ago, but it passed away sadly... now I have 2 little dogs that a friend of mine gave me, I don't even know the exact race they are but they turn my house upside down when they play, they got so much energy, never get tired of running and playing.
My family dog is a black Labrador/Pit Bull mix. She's quite old, but I don't know exactly how old she is. She is very gentle yet can get hyper and jump up on house guests.
S3nd K3ys
My dog is a cat. Three of ems.
I have one dog Smile
He's called Barney lol.
He's a Labrador Springer...

Think i have a picture of him somewhere.. He's very old now though, nearly Ten!!! lol.

my dog is a labrador/rottweiller mix Very Happy called snoopy XD
My dog is a white West Highland Terrier. His name is Angus. He's a nice pup.
I have a 7 year old Rottweiler pedigree, well behaved, huge as a horse, and hungrier than a hippo
Da Rossa
I did have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Corgi, and a Fox Terrier... Terrier died of old age (put her down from it), Corgi had a bad bleeding nose that wouldn't stop, and she got too weak (had to put her down), and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel died in her sleep from old age.

Rhys Andrews
I have a West Highland White Terrier, and a Lhasso Aapso, for those of you wondering what one of them is, it's just a bigger version of a Shih Tzu pictured above, it's even the same colour!

Unicycle Street UK
i have a beuatifull golden retriever, god knows how old it is but its getting to to 3 years or more now, i think.
such a great dog, slightly sleepy but none the less, great also its breath stinks of bloody fish!!!
Mr Smith
Two beautiful tri-colour Beagles.
My dog Dorothy is just an ordinary dog here in the Philippines. She sleeps with us and use our pillow as hers. I hate it when she do that. grrr... she's about to celebrate her birth day this october 3. hehe.
i have 3 dogs... a 3 year old dobermann which i have named "fundoo" Smile and 2 spitz "bingo" and "genie" both 5 years!!
i have 1 dog and her name is patras hes so sweet and so nice i really like her hes an ordinary dog and they called it "askal" (asong kalye) here in the philippines but for me hes an extra ordinary dog
I have seven siberian husky, two alaskan husky and One Bordel Collie Smile. More about this dog in this topic :
what is the best name for a dog? I really like Dave - it always makes people laugh when they enquire as to your Dog's name and you tell them its Dave.


Lazy. :0

J/K. I don't have a have dog currently but I am getting a puppy very soon. It's a german shepard, and he is very cute.

My dog is a Yorkshire Terrier.

The above looks just like my dog, well, without the bow that is.
I have a German shorthaired pointer called Silas , hes two years old and very clever and very freindly

I have a beagal, and I must say, don't get a beagal.

There fat stupid dogs that always wonder off following there nose. Very hard to train, also mine has seizures.

On a better note, i've always wanted a bulldog. Just such a mean looking face.
I've always owned mutts saved from the pound. Though my last dog was a pure breed Brindle American Boxer the biggestest sweet heart ever standing on his back legs he was only 5'7".. He died at 5 years from conjestive heart failure Sad
I dont Have any but i would like to have pomeranian and labrador.
In my hometown i used to give shelter to stray dogs at my bunglow. now with space conjestion in city, i doubt i can have one here.
My dog lottie is a toy yorkshire Terrier and is actually more of a cat, she comes to us for attention only when she wants it. Though she is very keen on her ball so that makes her a bit more of a dog.
Lhasa Apso, age 11~12ish, going blind, but still the same great pet. She's cute and soft and loves to lay around. Doesn't need much exercise, and we never officially trained her for anything except going to the bathroom on the papers.

Plus sides of the Lhasa is the calm nature (outside of the puppy stage) and the longevity. Down side is the protective streak that seems to affect a large part of the breed population; Crickette will attack any unfamiliar thing her size or larger that comes too close to her family. That includes other dogs, neighborhood kids, wild turkey, and raccoons.

Oh, and they smell a little... well, you have to get used to it. Wink
i have a pitbull 6 mos old[/img]
i have other dog w/c is hybrid pekingese and etc...
I got two Norwegian puffin dogs. Beautiful small, foxish wolves. There are like 500 puffin dogs in this world, so I feel truly lucky knowing two of them. Razz
My dog is a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, but he's very sweet and would never hurt anyone. I think he may have some Labrador in him as well; I'm not sure because he was adopted.
I got two dogs, one is a Maltese (Keanu) and the other is a golden retreiver (Matias). My daughter has a hamster too (Stan). Its very funny have pets but we must have some sense to care them well.

Australian Blue Cattle Dog
I don’t have a dog of my own, but I’ve inherited my son’s dog and she’s a Border Collie. I think she’s the smartest dog I’ve ever had.

This isn’t her but Tazzy looks a lot like this.
I have, to all appearances a near pure- Tri colour Beagle named Bootsy.

I got her at a local pound about a year and a half ago. Nothing was known of her history, the only information I was given when I got her was that she was an escape artist. Not even a name. The vet thinks she might be about 2 to 3 years old.

She's a great friendly, smart dog and a perfect companion. My only beef is how badly she sheds, I've got hair everywhere and it constanly plugs up my vaccum.
I have a mutt that is part terrier, part something else.
i have two dogs , and their type is Chi-wa-wa in Chinese
i finally got my own house so i started looking for the dog of my dreams.. which just so happens to be a doberman. i found a breeder not 300 yards from my house , and 5 weeks ago his female had puppies. i went to pick out my dog last friday and i found the perfect one. well.. she kind of chose me. i get to pick her up tomorrow and i cannot wait.
I have two PitBulls, Spike & Lucy both will be a year in July. Spike was given to us when he was only 12 weeks old. We just got Lucy Lucy belonged to a friend of a friend that couldn't keep her anymore. They are both great dogs, very friendly and loving.

I have dog, and her name is Sissi Smile She is Rough Collie, very pretty dog.
But sometimes she is afraid of strange peoples, of she is just trying protect me. But now she doesn't do it anymore, that's good thing to us. Smile

And she is very playful doggie, she loves sticks, balls, soft toys, bones.. The list goes on and on..
Always when my dad goes to our backyard to pick up some woods and logs for the fireplace,
Sissi runs very fast to him. And when they come to inside, Sissi have always
somekind big and heavy log, but still she bring it to inside Very Happy

Heh ;D Sissi is also funny dog, when I go to home. She starts to yell and wheep and all cind of those voices Very HappyD She is so happy. But she is scared of vacuum cleaner Laughing

And this is list what all commands she can do Wink
-lay down
-give a paw
-come to next to you, on the left side
-go ahead before you
-follow in the left side of you
-go and find a toy
-> and bring it to your hands
-come to you
-jump when you say so
-give a kiss

And some other stuff to, but I dont remember all that what she can do ;DD
i have a cocker spaniel. She's kind of a pampered dog... loves to be tickled so whenever I reach home, she'll just come right to me and flip over, waiting for me to tickle her. Then after that, she'll wait for my socks to dump in the linen basket. She also loves to eat and will rotate between family members for her treats. Laughing This dog practically loves to eat almost everything from veggies to fruits. I belive grapes are her favourite fruit.
What race isn't he?
Well, his mother and his father asked the same questions Cool
He's kind, beautiful and loud. Old, sick and on the verge of the next step.

...did I mentione beautiful?
Right now I have a White German Shepherd named Saber. He's about a year old.

Before that, I had a Catahoula Leopard Dog named Brandy, and a German Shepherd named Bowser.
My dog is actually really cool, she can do alot of triks to!
Thanks to my dog, do I train alot!
Hmm, I don't know what u would call her in english, in my language I do..
Her name is actually Helene. Rolling Eyes
I have a 3 year old pure bred Golden Retriever,

he comes up to above my knees (doesnt really help you lol)
Big nose....eyes.....the whole shabang what you expect from a dog lol

pretty dopey but when it comes to stealing things or escape plans he's a reclusive genious
I dont have a dog anymore but when I did she was a german shepard , very nice dog so she was. Had to put her down in the end though Sad
Do any of you guys know a good breed or place to get a good dog for an elderly person. I have a mother-in-law & Father that need companionship but they are both in the 80s and can't have a dog that needs a lot of care...

Any suggestions? Question
I love beagles, i wanted one really bad, but w/e didn't get one.

But I have an english cocker spaniel. It's mother and it's mother's mother were both show dogs. My dog is a girl, one year old, names sissy. Not a show dog however. A really beautiful dog though
Bru, stuffce
My Great Dane, Rolf, died a few years ago now, but I still miss him. He was a massive dog, 85cm at the shoulder and weighing 80 Kgs. When he stood up and put his paws on my shoulders he looked own at me. He was the best dog in the world, ever.

Now I have a new puppy, Grendel. Grendel is 11 weeks old and is an Airedale Terrier.

He is, like all Airedales, a keen gardener, but will grow out of that with luck. Airedales are quite big dogs but have the scissor teeth of a little terrier, which is why they are used as guard dogs, they can easily bite through the muscles of the forearm so that the person cannot hold a gun.
a lot of hair - alsatian coloured - Jody "the Wonder dog with aquatic skills"
my pomeranian, Hugo, is the most handsomest guy in the world
I have a female Finnish Lapdog with a very strong personality.
She is orange-brownish and white, with a little bit of black, also.
She has a Sami name, Áidna, and she is very cute Smile
I have a mini poodle. 1 year and mess around.
i want a dingo.. i live in aus and cant have dingo? damn right ridiculous.
2 years old Shih Tzu.. she's so cute Smile
My dog is Hunter Dog Dog is Awesome dog Smile
I have a 4 yr old Terrier. He's the smartest dog I've ever owned.
My dog is a 3 years old Saint Bernard.
Her name is Opla.
it's too beatuful
it is very nice dog
and it is good lookimng for catch out to vilons
Cool Cool Shocked Shocked
pit bull, boxer, greyhound.....that's not three dogs that's just my one...ill take some pictures tomorrow she is the cutest frigging thing
dobermann, i love him so much and i would be really sad if he dies or something. Ill try to take some pictures of him this week when im free Razz
sabe wrote:
Do any of you guys know a good breed or place to get a good dog for an elderly person. I have a mother-in-law & Father that need companionship but they are both in the 80s and can't have a dog that needs a lot of care...

Any suggestions? Question
maybe a toy schnauser, or a papillion is even better, sorry about the spelling..
I do have Pure Breed Doberman Pincher who always our house when we are asleep during night time. It helps us relax during night time because we know that we are safe since he is lurking to those who attempt bad things to us or those burglar trying to steal something from us. beware....
white labrador
German Shepard, and I want to upload pic but dont see "Browse" button anywhere Sad
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